Your Tiffany Wishlist

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  1. What's on your list to get/want?
  2. A return to Tiffany necklace.

    And of course, eventually, the Tiffany engagement ring, 1 ct and up only. :graucho:
  3. A thick white Schlumberger bracelet in the dots pattern.
    A diamond circle pin set in platinum.
    A diamond/platinum bow pin from the 1930s.
    18K gold chain necklace, about 16" long and 1/2" wide.
    A chunky amber choker. (in catalog, c. 1990-95)
  4. Perfect timing for this thread! I just finished going through the Tiffany website. What I like so far:

    -Seas Crab Pendant
    -Tiffany 1837 Pendant
    -Sun Pendant
    -Tiffany 1837 tag Pendant

    There were others, but these are my favorites so far.
  5. I'm kind of over Tiffany right now. I do have a lot of Tiffany silver, but it's beginning to all look the same to me. Of the stuff they have right now, I do like the red Sevillana circle on black silk cord (I have the same one in plain silver, but wouldn't mind getting the red one) :smile:
  6. I would loooooove a 3 carat round cut diamond solitaire eventually to replace the solitaire I have now:smile:
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] these are some of the stuff im going to get next.. need to look at earrings in person, and want more elsa!
  8. What isn't on my wishlist?? ;)

    Well, the one item on the very top of my list is the diamond palm tree necklace, I'm in love!

  9. I love that palm tree necklace! (it's on my list too)

    I just got sent the fall catalogue this morning and I've gone and fallen in love with the butterfly pendant - it's definitely the next thing that I'll be buying.

  10. Ah, I think the butterfly pendant is great too. They have so many new cute things that I would love to have to add to my collection!
  11. I love the Legacy band with the sapphires. Gorgeous.

    I also like the camera, cross, tennis raquets, sailboat, and envelope charms. :smile:
  12. - tiffany atlas necklace
    - tiffany 1837 ring
  13. I'm thinking I want the blue purse pen!
  14. i just want a big ole diamond solitaire engagement ring... without the hitch of actually being engaged!!
  15. from the Frank Gehry for T&Co. Collection:
    large rutilated quatz Fish pendant
    ebony, black jade and black gold Torque rings
    silver Fold cuff
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