Your reasons for the Chanel obsession


Feb 19, 2011
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Let's share why we are so obsessed about Chanel? For me, I see classy and a great investment value (reselling)... What's yours?! Does it change from time to time or by the style or by the color of the bag?!? Show us your most obsessed piece....

For the Chanel collector... Do you think it add value to your collection after they have increase the pricing?!

Let's share!:biggrin:


May 2, 2011
Wisconsin USA
I got into Chanel because I was sick of spending good money on trendy bags that would look so dated in a couple of years. Now when I get dressed up, I know my Chanel's will always, even years from now, look stylish. Besides I won't get tired of the classic look of Chanel. I don't plan on selling my bags, but it's good to know that they will keep their value.

See my quote below from John Keats; it sort of sums up why I like Chanel.


May 14, 2011
Chanel la la Land
The Chanel jumbo bag is my dream bag. Everything about it is perfect (to me), my heart skips a beat when I look at it - lol, it's hard to explain. I first spotted the GST on someone maybe 10 yrs ago, and never forgot it. I bought my very first Chanel a year ago, and now have 7 bags... obsession would be the right word!!:smile:

As for selling, I've never bought a bag with the intention of selling it oneday. But knowing that Chanel has excellent re-sell value is nice to know. As for colors, my bags are either black, burgundy or grey - that's it. My top 3 colours. I may consider the beige claire....

Great question tashy_y!
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Jun 25, 2009
As cliche as this sounds, I like Chanel because it makes me feel confident and happy when I carry it. I, too, have spent thousands on bags that look dated after only a year. Chanel is truly timeless; the proof is in how the style has remained the same over decades.
Aug 31, 2009
they are timeless, and they are gorgeous! i have no delusions that in 20 years they will have wonderful resale value. i can't predict that, so i am obsessed because they are pretty and i am happy when i carry them :smile: pretty simple!

Lady Stardust

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Nov 28, 2009
I have several reasons, the history, the versatility (day to night), the designs, but mostly I love the simplicity. I like simple bags and I like that Chanel can look very elegant and chic without being overdone and silly. I'm the same with clothes, I'll never be the girl to wear an entirely sequined dress, I'd much rather go for a plain black cocktail dress and jazz it up with some layered necklaces or something, and I have the same taste with bags. My favs are Chanel and Balenciaga bc even though at a glance they look nothing alike, they're the same idea; simple leather with embellished hardware :heart:


Jul 24, 2009
Because they are timeless and classic. I got my first bag when I graduated from high school from my grand aunt and still carry it and many others 37 years later. I like mixing it up...using a vintage one day and a more recent purchase the next. They all look good. I realize that I am more classic than trendy and love things that can transcend time. I also love the rich patina that develops on some of the lamb and caviar leathers over time. I wear it confidently and constantly get comments from others realizing that it is a bag well kept and well loved.


Apr 9, 2010
I fell in love with Chanel for the reasons already stated...
I got OBSESSED with Chanel cause of the crazy MARK DOWNS as well as PRICE HIKE!

I acquired this mentatlity that I have to have it NOW or NEVER :sad: I thought I would stop at 3. Up till last week - I got my 16th!


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Sep 21, 2006
i'm loyal to the brand because the bags are timeless and the rtw fits my frame about 95% of the time, which makes it rather easy to shop at chanel. but i'm obsessed with it because every season, i'll see one or two rtw pieces that are so close to couture quality that i can't seem to stop collecting. and if i really have to think about this question, i'd say the main reason i always gravitate toward something chanel in my closet is because it's always appropriate. and i love that.


Nov 19, 2009
To be honest, the caviar leather. I only love the very rigid one, and it's unbelievably durable, and pretty :smile: