Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!

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  1. My sky blue and ice pink Charlie’s that I bought on a whim the week before Christmas and forgot to post. I am such a sucker for a good pastel. IMG_8948.JPG
  2. I just ordered the iced pink rogue tote and seems like I got one of the last 3 available which are all in stores. I have this in my wishlist online and the tile is next to one with an image of a woman carrying the new-ish black clutch and she has black slacks and a light grey sweater. The pink looks so fresh next to it! I hope I like it IRL!
  3. I absolutely love this pink, it doesn’t scream Easter, it’s softer and more neutral than that. It would look awesome with a gray I think.
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  4. I really love that duffle. Is that strap a removable strap for the duffle? Or is it an extra strap that you bought separately?
  5. Stopped by the store today and bought this on a whim. It's the small dreamer. I love it.
  6. The duffle has its own removable strap, however it is too short for me to carry it as a crossbody, so I bought the strap with the rivets separately, that one is much longer. They have the same strap in white leather as well, that one looked beautiful too.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Here’s my “new to me” lunch box bag. I’ve been looking for one of these guys for awhile and I finally found one in excellent condition, awesome price and in a color I haven’t seen before. I highly recommend checking out Etsy if you’re looking for vintage Coach!
  8. Saw this in the 36 size, loved the colors, not the size. Googled and saw that the regular size was at Neiman Marcus and Dillard’s. When the good sales happened-sold out. Thought I was over it but I still found myself looking at the 36. Anyway found this one new on *bay for a good price. Love it.
  9. Gorgeous!
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  10. Swag
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  11. Just got today! I’m in love
  12. First outing with the Cooper Shoulder!

    The Céline Box is my holiest of HG bags, but I just can't plunk down that much money on a purse with 2 young kiddos. This is a lovely bag that is similar in size, purpose, and minimalist aesthetic. A great stand-in that I love for its own characteristics as well. [​IMG]
  13. Next to last SAS purchases arrived today. Love these totes, especially the graphite link color.

  14. Finally decided to pull the trigger on a camera bag! Had been drooling over pics of this one for a while. It's quite a bit smaller than what I usually carry, so I'll have to get used to carrying less around. I did have to switch out straps because the one it came with was too short for me to wear crossbody. I'm 5"10 and like for my bags to sit at or a little below my hip.

    Coach Camera Bag.jpg
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