Your Mulberry - where was it made....and is there really a difference!....

  1. [​IMG]

    The Duck! See what I mean about English quirkiness?
  2. Yes it would i would have an oak printed roxanne made like mulberry ellies.
  3. I see!!!! Never seen this bag before, what wonderful colours
  4. I love the made in England ones the best. I always look at the tag of a new bag to see what ive got and am over the moon when its made in England.
    I owned many from every country but it hasnt affected the quality one bit.
    I personally would prefer all their bags to made in England and not abroad as it is a british brand.
    Bit gutted when my new printed alexa was made n Turkey.
  5. All three of my Mulberries are made in Turkey. They have all been purchased from different countries - Australia (sbs), Germany (SS Alexa) and Singapore (heritage sbs). I can't say that I am at all disappointed with the quality, though I don't have anything to compare them to!!
  6. I don't think the quality is any different as I think Mulberry has very strict guidelines to adhere to. I doubt they would let the quality slip

    I personally would like my bags to be made in England and I think it’s very important.

    I don’t actually know anymore how you mange to get hold of a Mulberry that’s made in England. Most seem to be made abroad now

    Do we know how many and the percentage that are actually made here?
  7. IIRC about 30% are made in England. I think it's mentioned on the Mulberry website somewhere.
  8. The duck! I love it, very quirky bag indeed.

    My Lily was made in Turkey.. looks like I don't own an English made bag.
  9. My bags:

    Made in Turkey - Alexa, SBS, Darwin Roxy, Mitzy

    Made in China - Darwin tooled Bayswater

    Made in England - Oak Bayswater
  10. Must say I'm surprised my Darwin bags aren't made in England.
  11. Me too.
  12. From recent posts on here it seems quality isn't the issue it's customer services at times!
  13. .....don't get me onto that one!......I fully believe (as I think I commented somewhere else last week) that we should start a petition to "Bring Back Bespoke".......can you imagine (I am getting ideas as we speak - (potentially not good for the bank balance!....)

    .....and as for Ellie's oak printed Roxy......just divine!.....but apparently, for those who didn't know, and if my memory serves me right, that was the result of Mulberry accidentally destroying one of her bags (thinking it was fake) - then, realising their error, offering an incredible Gesture of Goodwill.....:graucho::tup::yes:
  14. Thanks hun - anything to get out of the chores, eh! - pleasure to "enable"!!!..:graucho:
  15. :tup::yes::lolots: