Your Mulberry - where was it made....and is there really a difference!....

  1. Hi hun - that's really interesting - I'm not going to point fingers at my personal Mulberry collection (for fear of offending any of it's members!) - but I, too, (if I have my specs on - which is pretty much a necessity these days!!) can notice a differing quality in the stitching between bags - nothing horrendous of course - and obviously it is horribly magnified with the glasses - but still discernable......and my Anglo/Chinese Elgin - well she is amazing and pretty much perfect......but some of the others, not completely up to scratch imo (but then I am a fussy old bugger!!).

    Totally agree with regard to SS - not my bag either (hehe!) - much prefer the robust and weighty non-laminates!!!

    .....but I think one of the main things coming out in this discussion is that quality is generally excellent across the board, but it really boils down to who is responsible for the final finishing....:thinking:
  2. I think it's definitely down to the individuals and although I managed to find something to be picky about with the Lily, I actually like the fact that I can see some incredibly minor flaws! At least we know that way that they are hand stitched and not some mass produced factory line!

    It's never bothered me where the bag has come from, the leather quality and finish is all that matters, but I will admit to being very thrilled to own one Made in England bag!
  3. My sentiments entirely!!....:biggrin:
  4. I've googled it but all I've found is that some outlet bags have it in. It doesn't bother me but I am curious now :biggrin:
  5. Hummmmnn?!.......dear Mo might be able to enlighten us?....
  6. Deep printed blackberry/violet sounds fab as well i love purple and violet in a printed leather that sounds better to me actually. You have given me more ideas. Forget the oak printed as i have that already. I was looking for a purple bag oh yes along with a tooled bays.

    I quite agree. My new Alexa is perfect and top quality.
  7. I have a Polly Push Lock and a Bayswater that was made to carry a 13-MacBook Pro (patent leather--gorgeous). Where would I look inside the bag to see where they were made?
  8. There will be a little black "Made in" tag on the inside of the bag, usually on one of the side seams :smile:
  9. I have bought bags in the last year from and none of them have been made in UK.

    Maybe they just deal with repairs at the UK factory or do they even send them abroad?
  10. Yeah - confirms my suspicions - I wish I'd had a look in the bags on display at Shepton the other day to check! - but I would probably have been given some VERY strange looks and tactfully told to leave!!!!!.....:graucho:
  11. Hi gardensla - welcome to the thread!!!....:smile:
  12. Am I the only person who associates "Made in China" with cheap? It may be because I am from the US and we are pretty accustomed to hearing that everything that comes out of China is cheaply made, etc. Because of this, I would be less likely to purchase a bag with a "Made in China" tag, regardless of what brand it was.

    I remember reading about a lady who bought a Prada bag that had a "made in China" tag in it and she was livid. She called Prada and asked them about it and if I remember correctly, I don't think she could ever get them to admit that they had bags made in China. I can't say that I blame her though. I'd be pretty upset, too. :tdown:
  13. No you most certainly are not the only one!! I totally refuse to buy a Made in China bag. The love, peace pouches in pink were on my hit list this year, I found out they were made in China, even emailed Rebecca at HO to find out if there were any made elsewhere, the answer was no....refused point blank to buy. Shame really they are so lovely, but no for me it's the principle of it. Mulberry should ALL be made in England in my opinion but unfortunately in this economic situation and of course a Chinese billionaire now being a part owner this will never be....:tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  14. I can only imagine how much profit they make off bags that are made in China. If labor really is as inexpensive as it seems to be, they have to be making bank off these bags. Not that I really care what they're bringing in. It was just an observation/thought.

    It may sound silly, but I really just prefer the look of the "Made in Turkey" and "Made in England" tags. :shrugs:
  15. At least Mulberry are honest about manufacturing in China. Plenty of high end brands only finish their bags in (say) Italy, so they can say the bag is Made In Italy.

    And then of course there are the factories based in Italy staffed entirely by Chinese people, no doubt on Chinese wages too...