Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Enjoying the last bit of summer with my faves A40502FD-2B13-4848-902E-C9C0FF5857F3.jpeg
  2. It is. The hard thing for me is the black hole effect but my organizer seems to help. I’d been using a Tory Burch crossbody so this is much bigger and it does stand out a lot more. That being said, the colors are gorgeous!
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  3. @Soniaa Oops my bad - it's 17 cm:biggrin: i was in a rush posting
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  4. Thanks:smile:
  5. 3566C35A-0C75-4798-8996-B56E32774F7C.jpeg Stopping for a coffee before taking the dancers to stretch/ballet/pointe.
  6. In a pink mood today :smile:. Btw, is this drink “healthy”? It’s got fruits in it, lol.

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  7. Artsy and iced americano! B7AE7A93-9613-49DE-9D40-1622569715F6.jpeg
  8. So pretty IM! You have the cutest ZCP collection!
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  9. I love this picture! And your pants/leggings!
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  10. Using my vernis pochette again.

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  11. Thanks so much SSSSM :smile: — the ZCP is my jam, lol.

    I love your beautiful amarante pochette (so lucky you found the matching strap after years of stalking).
  12. Thank you! I know! I was so lucky. :smile:
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  13. Caramel frappuccino :smile:
  14. F3B8B9D5-BBA8-4395-BA84-997D6B97B7D9.jpeg My favorites: Chai Tea Latte, a warm chocolate chip cookie and Neo Noe!!
  15. Lovely drink to go with your pale pink beauty. :love:
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