Your Ferragamo in Action!

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  1. Hello Friends,

    Happy New Year! I have been searching for this kind of thread but couldn't find one. Inspired by similar threads in Hermes, Chanel, etc. (i.e. Your Hermes in Action!), I am wondering why don't we, all Ferragamo lovers, post our pictures of wearing our beloved Ferragamo items, shoes, purses, scarves, headbands, hair clips...anything Ferragamo! :biggrin:

    Although I joined the forum more than two years ago, I still consider myself "new" to the forum as I haven't posted a lot. So I'm sorry if there is already such a thread existed and please direct me to it.

    Anyway, I will start with a couple of my pictures first. I have only a couple of Ferragamo items with me right now at my current apt. The majority of my Ferragamo collection is in another apt. in Asia and I will take more pictures when I get back to that apt. this summer.

  2. Wearing a purple F headband. The purple is from 2010 F/W but I forgot the exact name of that purple. :P
    tPF - Ferragamo - hair band - purple -1.jpg
  3. A closer look at the headband:P
    tPF - Ferragamo.jpg
  4. Now the headband in black, wearing it at a friend's wedding:smile:
    tPF - Ferragamo - headband - black.jpg
  5. all beautiful!
  6. Thank you Flip88! It's my first time starting such a thread and you certainly give me courage to do more! I hope more tPFers come over and show their awesome F beauties (including you, of course:P)!

    BTW, I can't wait to see the nice stuff you got from London! :biggrin:
  7. Let me do a scarf today. I have only a couple of F scarves and this one is my favorite. Please ignore the stained mirror. :shame:
    tPF - Ferragamo - Scarf - black -2.jpg
  8. Another way of wearing the scarf :smile:
    tFP - Ferragamo - Scarf - black - two.jpg
  9. Oh fun! Very lovely, Everstar.
  10. Beautiful!!! Love the scarf. :love:
  11. Beautiful! Love the scarf! How do you do that? I need to do some learning.
  12. Thank you PsychoBagLady! :smile:
  13. Thank you asianjade! Yes, I really :love: this scarf too. I wear it often besides my H scarves. :P
  14. Thank you No Cute! Do you mean wearing the scarf as a top? It's super easy - basically you just tie the "top two corners" of the scarf a knot around your neck, adjust it a bit so that you have the sort of "drape" effect in front of the neck, and then tie and "bottom two corners" around your waist, and then, you are done! Let me know if this helps. :P
  15. Very cool! Thank you.