your favourite sunglasses - are???

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  1. hey everyone

    its friday afternoon and i can't be bothered doing any work... hehehe!

    just wondering (again) what are you favourite sunnies???

    do you own them right now?

    what do you wish for?

    colours? black only? or do you own lots of different styles and colours?

    do you have a different pair for each outfit/bag or things you do?

    do your sunglasses have to be expensive???

    :biggrin: i'll post a pic of my fav ones which i got just last christmas :biggrin: they're nothing too flash, just VON ZIPPERS! I've been trying to track down a nice pair of DIORS but thats just not happening or maybe even CHANEL?
  2. [​IMG]My ALLLLLLL time favorites, they are Prada...and I lost them last week...I could cry. I can not seem to find a replacement pair to save my life :sad: I bought a gorgeous pair of Kate spades that I LIKE ALOT but not like my pradas!
  3. I just bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses last week while I was skiing in Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Valley. I love them!!! I also have a pair of Norma Kamali's, Anna Sui, Perosol, etc. but I'm really loving the Chanels. I'd like to get a pair from Gucci too! I saw a pair in green (believe it or not) that i just loved! Hmmmmm...
  4. i have a pair of black Pradas (my regular glasses are black prada as well) and i like them a lot. i'd like to get a pair of chanel as well, but i have a perscription so i have to wait until my next eye exam so insurance will pay up for 'em.
  5. Oh I feel SO bad for you!:sad: I would flip IF I lost MINE! I HAVE THOSE!!!! Love how they wrap around my sorry, those are my beach glasses for that reason. I just tried the new Tom Ford in olive...Gorgeous try them!
    I also have the sparkly Chanel ones that came out a season or 2 ago. I am buying a new paIR THIS MONTH FOR SURE!...Any Ideas? LOVE the Tom Ford in Olive.
  6. I have a pair of oliver peoples sunglasses. They're white, and super big :love:
  7. Thanks Starr...They did fit beautifully...I founf them on a website from the Uk a few minutes maybe I will reorder. I would love to see the Tom Ford in you know the name of them or what site? I looked on Bg. and found these, Kind of fun??[​IMG]d these
  8. I have a pair of black prada's. I looove em.
  9. I tend to really like the Fendi Silver Cloud sunglasses. I got them a couple years ago and have since got numerous pairs, but I just can't get over these :biggrin:
  10. here are my VON ZIPPERS! hehehe :biggrin:

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  11. I have 2 prs of Gucci's but am dying over some Chanels I tried on last week - also dying over the $400 price tag! {that's almost the IF bag I NEED} I'm also waiting until next year so my insurance will cover them!
  12. Chanel...mmm also love Christian Dior
  13. I've tried SO many pairs of sunglasses, you don't even know! They all ended up on eBay at the end. My FAVEs are my good ol' CHANEL and Dior. Both pairs are ancient, but I can't part with them!!! I do have a pair of CHANEL glasses that I am eyeing at the moment, but so far I can't bring myself to spend $400.00 on a pair of shades!

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  14. My only expensive glasses (because I lose them so often) are a pair of Chanels. It's been a year and a half now, and they're still with me! I LOVE them!
  15. [​IMG]

    those are my favourites. chanel.