Your Favorite Non-Designer Handbag?

  1. I LOVE my Big Buddha, too! I found it at Dillard's or something like that marked down to $27. I think it was originally about $99. The material is similar to yours, but it's a deep purplish. The style is a tote with lots of gold hardware. It's really sturdy and I've had people stop me on the street to ask me where I got it.
  2. I love my LLBean mini canvas tote that is blue with turquoise polka dots. Maybe $30 new.
  3. A bag that i got in japan. no brand, dont remember how much it is, but totally cool.
  4. 1. Favourite Non-Designer Handbag: Ana Sui
    2. How much was it: $250 (Japanese department stores are expensive)
    3. How often do you use it/what for: wet weather bag/knock about bag
    4. Favourite brands that aren't designer: Garcia Marquez, Mimo (Japanese brands)
    5. The most you've paid for a handbag: Maybe $3500 or so for an LV
    6. Attach image(s) for #1 if you can:

    Love this bag as it can be carried 3 ways - tote (fully extended), shoulder (folded over w/short strap), crossbody (folded over w/long strap):biggrin:

  5. Me too! I've had people ask me about my bag on the streets! Best investment ever!
  6. I love the colour. The leather looks pretty it?
  7. I saw the Ashley on the Coach Online Factory store for $149 today. The sale is one for another two days!
  8. Actually it's not leather, but pleather. So, no need to worry about it in wet weather. We do have a mean rainy season here in Japan.
  9. I have many non-designer handbags but most are from markets and so forth overseas, like in asia, middle east, etc.
  10. Missy, can you post a link to the Francesca bag site, i am not familiar with it. Thanks. I'd love to see a more affordable Sabrina!
  11. For the big buddha fans they have a cream, black and brown heidi version on ideeli under "dallas picks" right now. The cream one looks cute.
  12. Bought this bag at Platos for $14. I LOVE this bag. I wish it didn't say Puma across the side but I usually forget about that. It's nice and big and holds all my crap;

    body shot. Sorry for dirty mirror and night clothes
  13. Hey! Sorry didn't see your quote.

    I bought the bag a few years ago and I looked again but didn't see any similar bags. Maybe if you email them they can let you know if it's going to be released again or check eBay.

    It was called the Dr. Satchel

    I originally wanted it in lavender but when I was ready to buy the bag, they were sold out of that color and only had teal and yellow left. I didn't want the yellow (even though I LOVE yellow) so got the teal. The bags were sold out within a few days.
  14. how much is it on ideeli? i dont have an account but i looked it up and im loving the black one.
  15. I actually really like puma bags. i only have one but i often see them in stores and are tempted to buy them. in fact i was in a store today that was selling a huge puma hobo that was pleather and had a belt buckle in the front. it was only $40. i refrained though because i knew i probably wouldnt use it. my ex's sister used to love puma bags too.