Your Diors in Action!


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
OMG @Venessa84 your collection is TDF! I am blown away by each piece--such great variety of styles and colours. It looks well thought out and tailored to your taste and needs.

Yeah, since I'm not quite a Dior diehard, I'm not familiar with that style. What is it? I'm not an olbique fan, but I'd make an exception for that.
oh wow! You are too kind...thank you so much. That Mini duffle is really old and I love how subtle the oblique print is on it. I wish I got more pieces when it was still around.
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May 17, 2014
Had to share! Just got my first Dior yesterday and I am obsessed! Got the Lady Dior lambskin clutch. Planned on buying it in September when I go on vacation but I panicked with the price increase - and I’m so glad I was able to get it online. I am blown away by the quality, and the craftsmanship. I can tell there was a lot of care out into the packaging. As you can see, I prefer smaller crossbody bags. I must say it is giving my Chanel WOC a run for it’s money. I cannot believe how roomy it is, and how much bigger it is 6337EF18-BAE0-412B-9D6F-4F3367E0CD2D.jpeg than the WOC. Also, wanted to point out it is much less pink than I was expecting. Why isn’t there more hype around this bag? Cannot wait to use it! So glad I got it before the $200 price increase! I’ve definitely been bit by the Dior big..already planning my next purchase (tribal earrings?) I cannot stop staring at it! Thank you for letting me share!


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