Your Diors in Action!

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  1. Hi ladies, let's see you carrying your baby(ies) around town. (I don't know if a similar thread already exists.)

    Here's my gaucho tote. love love love it so much!

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  2. ^ you look great with the gaucho tote dior junkie! and nope, we've not got an "action" thread in here, it's a great idea to start one. ;)

    and to contribute to the thread, here are pictures of me with my gaucho & trotter romantique when i got them. pardon the headless shots and non-real-action nature of the shots. :P

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  3. zerodross, your metallic gaucho is TDF. I regret not getting it so much and now I can't find it anywhere.
    great pix!
  4. ^ aww, thanks dior junkie! you can still get the metallic gaucho from - in the double gaucho size, the medium/single saddle size (the one i have) or the mini gaucho (like Suzie's -

    here's the links to the diabro ones:
    (double gaucho $1563)
    (medium gaucho $1389)
    (mini gaucho $1215)

    and if you're looking at the mini gaucho at a better price, opportunities has one too:
  5. Can I join in the fun?

    not really in action though... :P

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  6. orange you look fantastic in the skirt (and dior of course!) :graucho: i don't think i'll ever tire of seeing the grey/white colourway for the romantiques. :drool:
  7. c'mon ladies, i'm sure there's lots more pictures of all of you with your diors..

    (calling for nat, calling for nat) we need you in ALL your diors - shoes, bags, jewelry, the works!! ;)
  8. you're gorgeous Orange!
  9. thanks, Dior Junkie and zero! **blush**

    looking forward to seeing more Diors in action!
  10. Yay! This needs to be sticky like the LV forum lol!
    Here's my Saddle Monogram in Blue (Gold hardware)... Sorry my body is kinda covering it..
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  11. i will hon i a stone and a half :P
  12. you look cool fantastic angel !:drool:
  13. ^ ITA with nat! you look gorgeous angel! :drool: the saddle goes great with your getup.

    and nat, hun, i've posted pictures of blobby ole me, i don't think you need to wait to lose half of a vicky b to post - you're beautiful as it is! plus all your diors.. you're killing me nat with just the thought of all those dior heels being left in a corner.. un-photographed.. :sad: and that gaucho + rasta combination.. *wistful look*
  14. ^Nataliam1976 and Zerodross - Thank you! I can't wait to see your pics too. You guys are so sweet..!:smile:
  15. *beats naughty Millie with a stick* in a stone and a half i said ! give me until end of June :P