You Wont Believe This, I am very upset

  1. HI there, I am fuming now as I have just discovered I was sold a fake Miu Miu bag 8 months ago.
    I purchased from an Australian seller, I am in the UK, and I kept it in my wardrobe and decided to sell it as I was getting no use out of it. I sold to a lady in Europe who was very nice in asking for a refund but made it quite clear she would take further action if I did not oblige. Of course I refunded and hoped she was wrong, but I had it authenticated today on the Forum, as this is the only place I really trust, and it turns out to be a fake.
    I called eBay and they said there is nothing they can do as it was so long ago.
    I did contact the seller and she ignored me. I have emailed her again and I am not optimistic about a response.
    I have 100% Feedback and I cant believe I almost blew it. To add insult to injury eBay are not sure if they can refund my fees as "its not their fault"
    has anyone had an experience like this? I have a good mind to close my account and just forget eBay altogether:mad:
  2. I'm sorry.... it really should have been authenticated BEFORE you purchased it or RIGHT AFTER you received it (actually, both just in case it was bait and switch). Don't think you can do anything...

    Maybe try your credit card? That would be the only imaginable thing I can say. Sorry!
  3. yes I was too trusting when I bought it. I have learned my lesson. I paid by Paypal through my bank account so I dont think I can claim there either
  4. 8 months is too long, there's not much you can do. But i've had a similar experience, altho nothing as expensive as the bag you bought. I bought a pair of jeans online, i left it in my closet for like 2 months...i went on vacation came back and one night i wanted to wear it. Found a big hole in the pant leg and one of the rhinestones was missing. I emailed the seller hoping that she could do send it back to the manufacturer, but she said there's nothing she can do since its been 2 months. Its stupid...but its a lesson learned. Always check your stuff from ebay!
  5. Ouch. :push:

    This one will probably have to be chalked up only to lesson learned.
  6. Ooooh that sucks!!
    Is it possible for you to contact the original seller? Maybe they will work out some sort of deal (although not likely but worth a shot)
    Try and cite some laws in their country about counterfieting bags and see if you can "scare" them into giving you some/all of your money back.
  7. I have contacted her and she ignored me. Given that ebay told me its abroad so we cant do anything, it seems unlikely. I responded by saying there is a lot of trade between UK and US so the country should not be a barrier, the agent said ok thanks and put the phone down.
    I just want ebay to take some action against her, I realise my money is gone but why should she continue to trade on ebay?
  8. Is she still active? Do you feel comfortable posting her ID? If she still has fakes listed, there is no reason not to report every last one of them.
  9. This is awful ! so sorry about this. 8 months is a long time and I doubt that you will be able to get your money back, but I would get some sort or Legal letter wrote up and if you have her address I would post it to her. Also E-mail her and tell her that you are seeking legal help because this is illegal. If you dont mind me asking how much was the bag ??, do you still have the invoice ??.

  10. My husband found out something he bought online was counterfiet (artwork) it was about 10 months ago, paypal and ebay did nothing but he called AMEX and they refunded him and are investigating.....maybe call your CC company?
  11. I paid 124 pounds, sorry not sure what that is in euros. I have the info on my paypal old accounts.
    I am tempted to say her user name but I am afraid she is a memer here, God forbid.
  12. At least post the Ebay sellers address so that we know and don't mistakenly buy from the seller. I hate it when stuff like this happens. I've ended up with fakes before. It really burns. I'm sorry it happened to you.
  13. Well I checked her feedback and I seem to be the last sale she made! Her username is Belabend and she is based in Australia.
  14. Have you heard about the ebay strike on 18 to 24 feb? I am def taking part. I am quite annoyed about how the agent did nothing to help and said its not ebays fault etc..
  15. IMO, I think eBay should be held at least a minor % liable for allowing such a violation to be listed.

    I don't think they are liable due to the timing, however.