You could at least put it on the table!

  1. I debuted my Spy....we went denim window shopping(hey, I'm broke from getting the spy, ok?) and at first I drove and told him to hold my baby...and he puts it in the backseat...I was about to put the seatbelt on it, no joke, but then he looked at me knowing what I was thinking about doing and told me to hurry up. Anyways she was safe back there as we arrive to the store.

    I walk in and immediately start looking at the new 7FAM and such and asking about the washes and all. I find the new Ginger in Daytona wash and go to try it on. I give the DH my baby again and although the floor looks pretty clean, I wouldn't put her there....well, he does.

    I look at him and say "you could at least put it on the table next to you..." I really would have nagged his arse off, but I didn't want the sales lady to look at me like I was a psycho....
  2. eww boys are gross and have cooties. :yucky:Mine used to put his clean clothes on the toilet seat..uhh hello what are the hooks and rods for? Not to mention counter-top space? He pretty much knows how to handle my preciouses (bags) though, no toilet action there. Its still gross when he does random things like throwing his smelly gym clothes on top of my yummy-leather-smelling preciouses.:sweatdrop: I feel ya, you weren't being silly or anything!
  3. my husband totally understands not putting at least the white spy on the floor :yes:
  4. My partner would NEVER dare put my bags on the floor. Even carpet. He knows he will get the death sentance if he does...
  5. yep, maybe you need to train him better, at lunch my hubby gets a chair for my spy bag ;)
  6. I agree, it's all about the training. When I met my bf he would just drop my bags on the floor. Now he knows to hold it and if need be, get it a chair. Sometimes he even lectures me about where I put my bags!! :p
  7. I don't think DH would hold my bag. If I tried handing it to him, he would just look at me funny. He has also refused to be seen in public with me with my over-sized white YSL sunglasses, so what does he know, ha!
  8. he's just new to the purse thing... give him time, give him time. Men are like dogs, they need several chances to get it right [my theory, anyway]
  9. Yep all a matter of "training" , hubby knows how to treat a bag. Even if he still laugths at me.
  10. :tup::yes: