Yippee!!! There's a shopping bag in the closet from Saks.......

Jul 21, 2006
Southwest Florida
Okay. So here is the rest of the story. I came home from work and I wasn't going to look. Really. Swear. But I heard the bag calling my name from the closet, so I went in, and with sweaty palms, I stood up on my toes because the bag is on the very top shelf of our den closet, and I lifted the bag up very carefully so as not to disturb any booby traps. :ninja: I peeked. Inside the bag was my present...............but.......it was already wrapped with Christmas wrapping and a ribbon all around and a bow so tight that you couldn't fit a toothpick in the knot!! I carefully replaced the bag in the proper position and closed the closet door. That was 3 hours ago. I think I will just have to wait until Christmas morning, and I am relieved that I don't have to suffer any more temptation until then because of my husband's extreme thoughtfulness. I was bad, but the surprise wasn't spoiled.:blush:


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
^^ Ahhh! I think that's a sweet end to the story. :yes:

Not only did your DH buy your gift early, but he also wrapped it for you, well before the last minute! :tender:


I am the one that I want!
Jan 4, 2006
Hampton, Virginia
AWWW! I was alll excited. How could you help yourself with it calling it you? I'm sure it would been much louder if it hadn't muffled by wrapping paper!
Jul 21, 2006
Southwest Florida
I'm going to be a good girl. Will tell you on Christmas morning or very soon after. Even if it were a no-name, the whole experience will be great, as he knows I love bags, and I know that is what he got for me, and I know he got what he thought was his choice, and not mine. We will have to see!!!! This is very exciting. Never shared with anyone else before............

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
Curled up with a book
Oooh, congratulations - I am secretly rather pleased it was a surprise - I'm a complete, hopeless romantic who believes in the gift invested with love and effort, whether or not it quite meets my usually exacting requirements . . .! Happy Christmas all. Miss Sooky xx


Jul 31, 2006
I just googled your bag - it's gorgeous! Congrats!

And by the way, I'm VERY impressed you never found some elaborate way to peek - I'm postively shameless when it comes to things like that!

Merry Christmas!