Yippee!!! There's a shopping bag in the closet from Saks.......

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  1. Should I peek inside????????? :yahoo: I am so bad. I know it's a handbag that my husband picked out. Can't wait for Christmas!!!!!! Yikes! I need help!!! :wlae: HELP!!!
  2. Lucky lady! As much as I'd be DYING to peek, don't do it! It'll be even better when it's a total surprise :yes:
  3. I'd peek... :shame:

    ...I wouldn't be able to stop myself!!! :nuts:

    Not suggesting you should, of course! ;) :lol:
  4. Id totally peek..Im shameless...ROFL!!!!
  5. I havent heard of Saks before but I'm assuming it's quite premium label? :3

    I'd look. I love finding out :biggrin:
  6. What to do...what to do! Okay.....I am at work now, so the temptation is temporarily gone. Husband had specific instructions for what I really really wanted, and I gave him about 4 choices. I told him that he actually had a free reign on color. So, that it why this is so very hard for me not to look!!! So far, the majority of you girls indicated to peek!! I used to peek when I was a kid, and I have been very good until now..............

  7. ROFL!!! :roflmfao:

    Me too! :yes: He should have hidden it better! :lol:

  8. You must do what you think is best. ;)

    Just had a thought, what if that isn't your present? Could it be a trap?!! :lol:
  9. NOOOOOOOO peeking! DH is a doll. :heart::yes:
  10. CHLOEHANDBAGS!!!!!!!! :oh: Wouldn't that be funny if he had some fishing line or something attached so that when I moved the bag, he's know it for sure!!?!! I could blame it on the cats, though!! But, it is possible that he would do something like that!!! This is really very hard, everyone!
  11. don't do it!!!!!

    JuiceBox, Saks is a department store like Harvey Nichols or Harrods
  12. now see, here's why i'd peek.....on the slim chance he got something you don't love, you have time to either (a) subtly guide him to return it, or (b) prepare yourself to open it on xmas morning & pretend to love it! my face is an open book...i could never play poker. so my hubs would know instantly if i didn't love it!

    lol....i heart being an enabler!
  13. yikes!! thats sooo tough i'd eventually end up peeking lol
  14. Hmm....I don't know if you should peek. Is it something definitely from Saks, or is it a way to trick you? I'm so cynical because that sounds like something my own boyfriend would do. Just be careful...I hope it's something you really want!
  15. uhkiwi.....thanks for clarifying the Saks thing. I forgot to mention it. Okay. I have decided. DH has until this evening to totally wrap the item, or I go in for a peek-a-roo!!! (but just a teeeeeeeny one)!!!!