Yikes--People are contacting my bidders on an ended auction!

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  1. Hi, my first handbag auction just ended on Sunday (it went really smoothly, and I got more for my bag than I thought I would!). Today I found a message in my inbox from another bidder, who said they'd received a message (not from my user ID) that stated that I was accepting their non-winning bid! They were suspicious so they e-mailed me, and I of course told them I didn't send that message. The weird thing is, this person wasn't even the 2nd highest bidder. Do you think someone's trying to scam all my bidders--should I send messages warning them? And why would my auction (which ended on less than $200) be the target of a scam? Has this happened to anyone before? I guess I should have made my bidders list private, but I didn't expect the auction to go to more than $150, and usually I only see private auctions for really expensive ($500+) items.
  2. Did these bidders receive the emails through ebay?
    Did you check your sent messages folder?
  3. Ask that bidder if they can forward the message to you and then report it to ebay.

    Or have the bidder report it themselves.
  4. I checked my sent messages--only messages I sent. I don't know if my bidder got it through ebay... but she did say it was sent from an ebay ID different than mine.
  5. It doesn't matter, someone is contacting your bidders and that is a no no, besides they are more than likely up to no good.

    Get the ebay id or the email addy and report to ebay.
  6. That bidder should report it to eBay as a Scam email too.
  7. I am 99% sure its a SCAM! Last month I bid on and won a pair of Gucci Sandals - Sandals were in US, I am in London.

    I received a 2nd chance offer a few days after paying and contacted the seller - it was a scam from someone using a 'Highjacked Dormant' Account.

    Report it ASAP, so that account can be closed down...

    PS: I received the Sandals they were lovely and Seller was great too...

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