Yet another sloane vs large veneta dilemma

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  1. Hi all! Hope you could help me choose my "only" BV for this year. Yes I did promise to be good! Over the years I have leaned more towards BV than my other bag brands. So now I have: medium campana in ebano and tourmaline, medium belly veneta in nero, cervo hobo metallic in espresso, disco bag in aubergine, medium veneta in chartreusse and other slg's.
    Out of all these, the disco bag and ebano campana are used the most.

    Now I am contemplating between getting a (old style) large veneta vs sloane. I have tried the veneta but not the slone before and I won't be able to come to the boutique to try this out again before buying. I know that the veneta has been revamped (and I don't like the look and price of the new one) and my SA told me that they won't be ordering or making any sloane anymore...? So now I am torn. I have read the previous threads regarding veneta vs sloane so I know the differences. I've been racking my brains but I just can't decide which one! I am only allowing myself to buy 1 bag this year. Please help me choose wisely.

    Thanks heaps!
  2. Have you ever tried on a Sloane? From your collection it seems your bags fit fairly close to the body. Obviously the large Veneta will do that, and the Sloane will stick out significantly. For me that's uncomfortable. But I have to admit that the large Veneta is my all-time favorite bag, so I'm biased. That is the biggest factor for me in Sloane v. large Veneta: which is more comfortable to carry. Not everyone will feel like I do. The Sloane is a beautiful bag.
  3. gagabag - the Sloane definitely has a love it or hate it reputation. You should not get it unless you can try it on somewhere. It does stick out from the body, and the overlapping flaps on the top are more of a challenge to get into.

    Try doing a search in the BV forum for the Sloane and you will find it has been much discussed.
  4. Hi, I'm in the minority here because I much prefer the Sloane over the Veneta hobo. But the main point raised that Sloane will sit away from your body is accurate however it does hang higher up on the body and not against the hip. I don't stuff my Sloanes so they aren't bulky under my arm. I'm writing and can't check, but you might have said that you own a medium Veneta? If you do and carry a lot in it, that might create a similar feel of how Sloane could feel on you???

    The Sloane double flap doesn't present an entry/exit problem for me and I prefer that the magnetic closure grabs itself as opposed to (for me at least) having to hold one end of the bag while trying to zip it. My first BV was a Veneta, and it was like not love for me. The Veneta is a classic for a reason, which also makes it one of the most commonly seen BV styles, but the style has had more color & leather treatment options available over the years.

    All of my points are very personal, and hopefully you'll be able to get to a BV boutique or a department store to try them on for comparison. They are very different styles, unlike if you were trying to decide between a Veneta and a Belly bag which are more similar to one another.

    Good luck with your research and it's too bad that both styles seem to be going away near the same timeframe. That's adding another conflict to your decision making process.

    I hope you'll be able to add the one that you'll love forever!
  5. I think the Sloane is one of BV's prettiest bags. I was able to nab one in Ferro last year but I to admit, it didn't work for me. I felt the strap was a bit short and accessing the bag not the easiest because of the overlapping straps. I liked the overall proportion though. The width didn't bother me.

    But, and I am in the very clear minority here, I am also realizing that ultimately the large Veneta doesn't work so well for me either. I've had so many and so many different colors but it just ends up being a bag I want to LOVE but don't. I think the proportion on my frame is a bit off, the strap might be a hair short, and it's not as easy as a look on me as it should be. This all reads as vague and unquantifiable. And I agree with you. But something about the large Veneta doesn't work for me. (I'm going to give the Maxi a better look--that might resolve a lot for me.)

    That said, the original design in large is classic, iconic BV and there's a reason because it works and is loved by so many people. Because they are discontinuing them, now might be a good time to take the plunge.

    So ultimately the only help I can provide is don't consider the bag unless it really suits you and really speaks to you. And I would definitely find a way to try a Sloane on before committing.
  6. Thank you all BV gurus for taking time to reply.
    The things that you have pointed out are exact same reasons why I could not decide

    - I love how it looks with all those yummy leather and covered harware
    - But I am more worried that it sticks out because of the cube design
    - knowing BV it will slouch in time (and so trying it on new will probably not going to help much).
    I fell in love with Julianne Moore's slouchy sloane! But that's her and not me :graucho:
    - I forgot to mention, I also have an Iron bag and it sits away from the body (and protrudes even more when stuffed) when carried on the shoulder and I am ok with it because it's tiny. Is the sloane sort of similar except that it's bigger?
    - Coachgrl, I will try what you said and stuff my medium veneta and see...

    Large V (old style)
    - Tried it before and had the "kite effect" on me so I opted for medium
    - But I've seen it slouched and I totally understood why it's a popular classic
    - very good travel buddy for size and zip security
    - A classic and I will never get it again new

    It is so frustrating that I am currently 4 hours flight away from the boutique (doing a remote clinic service for the Indigenous Australians). So tempted to just book a flight but then I could also use the fare to fund my only bag for the year.

    Sorry for rambling! Thanks again for your inputs! I love reading them and please know that they are appreciated.
  7. Do you have the option to buy from a site with free shipping and free returns? It'd be a big short term hit on your credit card but if you decide quickly you could send one or both bags back without having to make the payment.
  8. It looks like you've got all the differences between the two bags laid out. It's just a matter of personal preference. They're both great bags.

    For what it's worth, I have and enjoy the Veneta (in both medium and large sizes, both in the older style). I used to own a Sloane but it got downsized out of my collection--it was nero, and my medium Veneta is nero, and I found myself always choosing the medium Veneta over the Sloane when I wanted to use a black bag.

    As someone mentioned, the Sloane sits up higher on the torso (similar to the medium Veneta), which I tend to think has a dressier stance. The large Veneta hits lower towards the hip, which looks more casual on me (I'm 5'2"). Capacity-wise, the Sloane and large Veneta hold similar amounts.

    For the way that I use my bags, the high capacity and higher stance didn't make sense. When I carried the Sloane, I tended to push it behind my arm to get it out of my way, instead of resting my arm on the bag like a pillow. To keep it pushed back, I found myself holding my hand on the strap and walking with it that way--which for me wasn't the most comfortable. Also, because the Sloane looked so gorgeous and sumptuous, with its higher stance, I tended to pair it with dressier outfits (keep in mind that it was nero). But on those occasions, I wasn't carrying a lot of stuff in it--so it felt silly to me to be wearing a cavernous bag with next to nothing in it. That's when I realized that I could just use my nero medium Veneta for both casual and slightly dressier occasions, and I got rid of the nero Sloane.

    If I want to carry a lot of stuff, I tend to use a tote style or a more casual-looking bag, so I don't miss the higher capacity of the Sloane. I used to think that the large Veneta looked too angular, but now I actually prefer the streamlined, angular shape. At first I did have to coax the zipper downward to make the armhole bigger and accentuate the drape, because it did look like strangely wide and flat on me with nothing but the store stuffing in it.

    Having owned the Sloane, I can understand why others might prefer it to the Veneta. It was comfortable to wear with the wide shoulder strap, and the leather was so luxurious-feeling under the arm. It has a pretty, feminine shape. It's a totally different bag from the large Veneta, with a different vibe.

    What colors are you considering? That might make a difference.

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Thank you blueiris! That was an extremely helpful post. If I go for large V it will be nero, for sloane it's either nero or aubergine. I keep vascillating with these two!

    One question though, when you carried your sloane with minimum in it, did you still have to push it behind your arm? I am beginning to think that perhaps that is the way most peeps carry their sloanes and now I understand why...
  10. #10 Jan 13, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
    I used to wear my Sloanes pushed back like this when I got my first. I didn't always like the feel, so I've since removed some things I really don't need to carry and now my arm rests comfortably on top.

    OP, do you have a friend(s) nearby who owns these bags for you to try on if you can't get to a store? Even still, some bags don't give a complete impression until you've owned one & used it over a period of time. So buy each style in a different color, lol! :graucho:

    Good Luck!!!

  11. You're welcome! As for your question, it's hard to describe, and it might just be my own quirk in the way I carry my bags. Pushing the bag behind my arm had nothing to do with whether the bag was filled or more empty. I think I pushed it behind my arm because the combination between the puffier, more drapey shape plus higher stance made me want to get it out of my way, and I was conscious of having to do so. There was something about the puffy feel where my forearm rested on the Sloane that didn't resonate with me--but it was in no way uncomfortable. I tend to wear my Venetas and other shoulder bags pushed back, too, regardless of how much or how little I fill them.

    While carrying the Venetas, I am hardly aware of the bag itself. With the Sloane, though it was a comfortable bag to carry, I was always vaguely aware of the bag. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not my preference.

    (I found that I disliked the new version of the Veneta for similar reasons. The puffier shoulder strap makes me vaguely aware of the strap on my shoulder--it's not uncomfortable, but I much prefer being "unaware" of how my older Venetas feel on my shoulder.)

    I hope this makes sense. You might well have different preferences, so take my observations with a grain of salt!
  12. Thanks heaps coachgrl and blueiris! I never thought so hard about my next bag before, that's how I ended up with many! But I am trying to be good and stick to just one this year so I'll deliberate on this one carefully. I appreciate you sharing your opinions, helps a lot! :hugs:
  13. Just an update: I have decided to go for the large veneta in burnt red! I will be travelling a lot this year and I figured the veneta will be a lot easier to pack with all my clothes. I'll post her here when she arrives :graucho: Thanks to all who took the time to respond, much appreciated!
  14. Congratulations on you choice, it sounds gorgeous in Burnt Red!
    Looking forward to seeing your pics!!!

  15. Thanks for the update. I will look forward to the photo!