Yet another sloane vs large veneta dilemma

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  1. So here she is, introducing Burnt Red! The colour is just wonderful but so hard to capture. I love confused colours - couldn't quite decide if it's a red orange, oh no its an orange-brown, oh wait it's a rust! I think the colour is close to appia (which I don't have) but this one's a bit more pop, maybe?
    Apologies for the photos, I was in a hurry when these were taken so I did not get the chance to take an outdoor photo. With it is the aubergine wallet that I bought last year & will be using for travelling. It fits my passport & iphone 6!
  2. That is a beautiful bag & color! You should love mixing it with your wardrobe, it looks so versatile to me. I love your comment about "confused colors". I can see all of the shades you listed, lol!

    Enjoy & thanks for posting pics!
  3. This is a gorgeous colour - red/brown/orangr - perfect for a large veneta!! When is this colour from? Is it new??

  4. Appia is pink brown color. I am not sure if it is close to this burnt red. Orange is not my color and I don't see Orange at all in Appia
  5. Thank you ladies!
    Coachgrl, colour's versatile indeed! It's summer here in Australia and I am going to pair her with my maxi dresses for fun!
    Silkpearl, I think she's from F/W, recent one (anyone correct me if I'm wrong I am not sure either)
    Lkweh, good to know about pink brown. This definitely has orange tones.
    It's amazing how BV could come up with these amazing confused colours! Lol