Year 2007, FIRST pix of my collection!!!!!!

  1. I FINALLY did it:yahoo:!!! Its my first time posting my entire LV collection here (its small:shame:, but I love every single piece of it!!!)

    kagami mochi:p:heart: : decorative New Year's rice cakes !!
  2. Nice collection.

    Off topic: I used to work in a flower shop owned by Japanese and every year my boss put the real New Year rice cake and tangarine on top of the register for the month of January. Ever since then I always wanted to buy a plastic one, but just don't know what I would do with it or put it. hehe. I think it's cute and bring back memories.
  3. I LOVE mochi! Also, I really like your collection; I'm jealous that you have the lockit! And I love the Noe, of course....:biggrin:
  4. great collection! thanks for sharing!
  5. Haha~yes, its a tradition!! And its a real one (not plastic) btw, today is the day we break it and eat it:nuts::graucho:!!!
  6. your collection are stunning! Love the Azur, groom and everything !!! they are not small at all:smile:
  7. Yay!!!!
  8. How do you feel about the Noe? Do you like it more than your BV? I like the MC Noe but not sure if Im a noe kind of girl....
  9. very nice, thanks for sharing
  10. Very Nice! One thing I love about LV canvas is how it gets so slouchy after a while. I love that about your Lockit.
  11. pretty collection!
    What is that gorgeous mono bag to the left? Is it still available? And if you don't mind me asking, approximate price?
  12. @rice_apalma: haha, i like both bags equally :biggrin:, for different occasions. I use the BV for school days, and the Noe for weekends/shopping days :heart:. The MC noe is more fun though!!!!!
  13. Congrats on the great collection!!
  14. love your collection... everything is fabulous! i especially love the azur speedy
  15. Left? Its Lockit Horizontal :p. Yes, still available, retails for AU$1390.