Yay or Nay? Be&D

  1. Ok... since I have that Paddington fiasco, I would like to poll whether I should go for this bag next. It's been growing on me and it's turning into the "I want now!", but I wonder if it's too whimsical and teenie-bopperish.

    So, here it goes: Yay or Nay? And if so, what color?
    Be&D Rose.jpg Be&D Ivory.jpg Be&D Pewter.jpg
  2. These are a bit overly studded for me. If I were to get a bag with studs, I'd get something a bit more subtle, so it doesn't scream "right now!" and look dated when the trend for studs has passed.
  3. Agreed. I do like the style though.
  4. Hmmm I am not sure. Maybe this is just me. I am not too much like into studs things on a purse. The colors are beautiful though. I like the second one (tan), the pewter, and the rose;) .
  5. Of the 3 bags I like the 1st one or the nude/pink. It does have a lot going on and I don't know if you will love it a year from now. The paddy is a much more classic and useable bag.
  6. i like the be&d hobo better than this style, less studs
  7. Nay
  8. Nay. I also think Be&D is overpriced, not that other purses aren't of course.
  9. nay
  10. nay as well
  11. Nay!
  12. nay
  13. The shape is cute--but I'd suggest getting a bag without studs. I think the studs will be a trend that goes away soon. I think Kenneth Cole made some nice leather satchels in a very similar shape. They were nice bags for under $500. The leather was nice and soft, but very durable. That might be an option...
  14. Nay for me. Not really a big stud fan (unless he's six foot and got green eyes and brown curly hair...LOL).
  15. Applause for Greenie...good one. Oh and Im not a big fan of the bag, sorry! Arent you happy for honest feedback! Its really helpful.