yay! my first tano! ^_^

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    grape shopper! i have christened it GRIMACE like my favorite, dopey purple monster (even though i don't really eat mc d's) it smells AWESOME! ahhhh!! i love leather!!!

    it's HUUUUGE, bigger than i expected! and i'm sort of new to this forum but if you've seen my posts, i'm a bit of a size queen :rolleyes: and i was hunting for a big tano so i'm glad i bought the shopper!

    i'd really wanted a zip-top but the toggle is surprisingly secure since, i think, once you secure it, one side of the bag sort of slides over the other side's top almost like a loosely-sealed envelope and the slouch makes the top fold over more securely. well, unless you'd stuff it to the brim with things.

    i admit the purple bag i was carrying around was a faux-leather (:wtf:) deux lux "tab handle" bag from urban outfitters and it was a poor excuse for my new GRIMACE my old bag is supposedly "plum" but this is the most richest purple i've seen in a bag and i'm so glad i splurged my holiday bonus on it i can fit everything i had in my old bag that was so full i couldn't even zip it up (23" long and 13" high) into my new shopper!

    and i got her in the mail from MHB! got the 2-day delivery option and she came in a bag! i loved voodoo's big unveil/burlesque-type slideshow of her new bag but i stepped on the corner of the box and dented it but luckily, my bag was ok!

    i bought some apple garde spray and it's on its way but i don't think now that i'd mind letting grimace grow old alongside me :heart: (and i can't wait 'till it lightens a bit in color with more laugh lines....for better or worse hahaa

    i took some pictures:

    i live with several roommates and you'll get to see our nutty living room.....

    here she/he (? grimace is asexual?) on a chair:


    now next to a bottle of generic-brand, "orange cleaner" (umm blue? refilled with windex) for scale (or maybe not, because of the angle i shot it and the bottle is a bit in front):


    i carry around a ton of stuff in my bag, even things like a small stuffed toy that my bf got me and he fits in grimace's belly quite nicely


    i'm about 5'2" and the next two modeling pics here make grimace look like he's ingested some cyanide...a tad blue-y)


    and here's the tiny living room with...someone..in the background? note the saggy legwarmers, random fishing net decor (i have some guy roommates), pre-raphaelite posters, and can of oust:


    yes, the walls are lime green (AVOCADO GREEN ). this was a total bachelor pad before another female roommate and myself moved in...we haven't done any redecorating.

    waaa!! its jason from friday the 13th! (note jason is not true to size as he's probably 6' in the movies and this is a poster of him)


    thanks for all the help ladies! i hope to get more tanos! yay!!
  2. Love your Shopper!! Grape is such an awesome color, I love my Boogie in it but seeing so many pictures of Shoppers REALLY makes me think I need one of those too! Love your living room by the way--after living with my boyfriend for 2 years he STILL thinks it's a Bachelor pad...just with lots of purses hanging around:P Thanks for all the pics and congrats on your first Tano--it won't be your last!
  3. 'Tea!!!! She's gorgeous and she looks amazing on you!!!! Congrats and enjoy...... Grimace is beautiful!!
  4. thanks!! i feel like most people get the boogie as their first bag but i wanted a really big bag...but i'm seriously thinking of getting maybe a boogie as my next or third bag (haha planning :rolleyes: already) because i love the detailing on the side! when i moved in, my bf was talking about redecorating with my other roommates but we never got around to it haha. i love the tassels on mine and it looks boho! the only thing i'm worried about are our two kittens clawing poor grimace to get to his tassels :sad:
  5. ^^Yeah, Grimace may have to live out of cat-cat's reach!

    If you do get a Boogie (and you so should!) wait for the new colors to come out.... caramel, berry blue, blue hawaiian, plum jelly.....oooooooo :drool:
  6. You are adorable and wear that shopper well! You go girl!!

    I have always loved the shopper - even though I don't own one of my own. It's beautiful.
  7. waaa....the kittens are so naughty-- my bf got a new tv and a receiver they jump on and chew on the antenna, argh....

    i've been shopping like crazy lately, and i'm saving up for a new tattoo and i'm trying to budget :sweatdrop: but i want grimace to gobble up a nice little tano wallet at least before he gets another family member ...wee ! ooh i'm going to go try to look up and see the new colors :O:O:OO
  8. haha thanks!! i was looking over my post and i realized i was making some sort of "glamour shots" cheesy pose with my fingers cupping my chin :shame: hahahahha oyy
    i was trying to move my arm out of the way to show my bag!
  9. Grimace looks great on you! (I *think* Grimace was a boy)
  10. HAHA silly kitties! I lurve kitties!

    And your pictures look terrific!!!! Don't sweat it! The bag looks like a million bucks on you! :tup:
  11. pgtea, you and the bag both look fantastic!! And I love the green of your living room, green is my favorite color. I am so glad you are happy with the Shopper.:tup:
  12. pgtea... wow!!! The grape looks amazinggggggggg in your photos and even though the bag is big and you are little, it doesn't overwhelm you! Absolutely beautiful!

    I cannot get over the color of your living room, wow lol! And I love your hat and legwarmers... supa cute!
  13. Your shopper is beautiful! Love your green walls!
  14. Congrats on your Grape Shopper! She looks great on you!
  15. Congrats! Great color choice. Enjoy him, or her, haha.