YAY! I'll get to check out the Seattle Outlet this summer

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  1. As part of my vacation this summer, I'll be passing right by the Seattle Outlet off highway 5 on my way from Bellingham to Seattle. I guess I get to drop in and take a look! :yahoo:

    Anyone here in Seattle? How is that outlet usually stocked for Tokis?
  2. ooh sounds dangerous QueenLouis!! lol I hope you find some great deals :yes:
  3. Cool! Maybe they'll have some new stuff in when you do.
  4. i'll call them tomorrow to see when new collections are coming to the outlets. right now, they mainly have paradisio and inferno.
  5. I'm a lurker here, but I live right down the street from the Seattle outlet. :smile: It's been rumored that they'll get Pirata in this month, but nothing solid yet. I went there last weekend and they're still just stocked with Fumo, Paradiso, and Inferno.
  6. which styles did they have the Paradiso print in?
    last time i checked, they barely had any Paradiso, even less of Inferno, and tons of stuff in Fumo
  7. Are you counting the different bag styles as quantity? 'cause they only put out one bag in each style they carry; they have a stock pile of stuff either in the back on in the drawers. :smile: I know they have a TON of Inferno caramellas for example, and up to two campegggios.

    For Paradiso I can't remember off the top of my head, but if you'd like I can check for you this weekend. :smile:
  8. Are they helpful? Will the SA's go into the stock and pull out additional bags to help you find a perfect bag? I'd hate to be so close and yet so far!

    I hope they'll still have Inferno bags. I won't be passing by until mid-August.
  9. I think the manager, April, is pretty helpful with placement but I haven't found the other employee that I have dealt with to be as helpful. I live in the area too and have found them to have decent selection.
    If you are on a toki search then the only other stores in the area that seem to carry it are macy's and nordstroms. The nordstroms at the alderwood mall and the macy's in downtown Seattle have the best selection in the area. Megami or other Seattle area gals - have you found any (better or) other shops around that carry purses or clothes??? (I haven't)
  10. It has been a couple months since I was there, but they had a pretty good selection. I really did not think the prices were *that* discounted- but I did end up getting a few items as a birthday gift for my friend in Austria. I hope you have a fun time!
  11. Oh yeah! :smile: Just be sure to ask; they're really understanding about people wanting their perfect placement. I scored an Inferno campeggio with the tree nearly CENTERED on the back because I had a SA pull out what they had from their stock for me. :smile:
  12. Can't say I have. :sad: Even Spiaggia seems to be pretty elusive around here. I still have yet to see it at a Macy*s in the area (though I admit I haven't been downtown), nor is it even on the website! What's the deal? :/

    Oh! But I hear that Trendy Wendy carries some clothes and/or accessories as does some party store. O_o I haven't personally confirmed, but a friend who lives in town has gone there. :smile:
  13. I went to downtown Seattle Nordstrom today and they showed me the Spiaggia bags they had (they weren't displayed outside cuz of the half yearly sale), they showed me a BV, gioco, dolce, ciao ciao...Macy's didn't have Spiaggia yet.

    At Nordstrom I saw one Foresta denaro on the sales rack but it didn't have a qee or price tag and i asked the SA and she said that it's the original price, and that's the only one they have of foresta...it has the 2 gold fishies on it and an apple on the back...
  14. I think that SA's mistaken... :O Any left over Forestas and Paradiso/Inferno that Nordstroms has had have been 33% off.
  15. Was there a lot of Inferno at the Seattle Outlet? Did they possibly get more in? I went on Memorial Day to get an Inferno Bella, and was told they had 4 when I called that morning. When I showed up they actually only had 1 Inferno Bella for sale, the other 3 were already sold and waiting to be mailed out. The only Inferno Bella available had very poor placement and did not have a single character on it from my list of 8. Was just hoping for one on the bag. So I did not buy it :sad:.

    I am still dying for an Inferno Bella, I live in North Seattle so it is quite a trek to get up there. I would hate to drive up there to be dissapointed again. Any advice?

    Also I am very close to Northgate Mall if anyone ever wants me to check what they have available there. Still no Spiaggia though.