Wristwatches - what do you wear?

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  1. All very nice! And the sizes are good on you. An elegant look, not chunky (not that chunky is bad, you know what I mean) and beautiful rings, and so nice that there is meaning behind the one, and the other is also gorgeous. You have good taste, my man!
  2. Thank you very much!!! I appreciate the kind words :smile:
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  3. These are my watches at the moment.

    A very old Russian watch that runs mechanically, which is great because I never have to change the battery.

    A Guess watch in a leather cuff style that my mom got me for my birthday years ago.

    And a Michele CSX watch for when I’m feeling a bit fancier.

    I would love a vintage Cartier tank one day....
  4. I just bought this watch from a pawn shop lol. I saw a cartier watch for 1000 cad but it didnt look good on me. But this I fell in love!

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  5. Im a huge apple watch fan! I dont think I could ever go back after having a smart watch. I just love how all my notifications show up on the watch, I can use apple pay, GPS and so much more from my watch! I did recently purchase a Chanel watch, but I will only wear it when Im dressed up. For day to day, I need my apple watch! I actually got a super cute and unique strap from ali express for super cheap. You can find much more unique options there than whats at the apple store.

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  6. My husband is a fan of aliexpress! He bought our wine holders, figurines, locks, and even fish food from there.
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  7. I love ali too! They have everything!! And for so cheap!! If only it didn't take so long to arrive!
  8. Haha my husband ordered once and it took a long time...and then he filed a complaint. They gave him back his money. And then after a year it arrived lol. They are like ebay you have protection
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  9. Yeah I know, I just hate waiting!!! Wow a year? Thats crazy! IME they actually send really fast, it just takes forever to pass customs!
  10. wow that looks great!
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  11. Thank you!!
  12. Oh my..that berry dial on the LeCoultre:heart:
  13. DBAD944B-2A67-432E-AF2B-B78912D593D7.jpeg My Omega Ladymatic!
    I have a couple Rolexes (including an 18k yellow gold diamond Presidential) but this one has my heart and I wear it every day!!!
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  14. 21522605-03F4-436D-A0D7-C2C36E60ED50.jpeg Been wearing my dainty lil Seiko the most lately...
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  15. My fav wristwatch, wearing it every day and forgot about all others

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