Wristwatches - what do you wear?

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  1. Accompanying all these bags, dresses and shoes...what's your favourite wristwatch?

    My mom gave me her Omega, which I don't wear because the face is too small. My everyday watch is a medium sized Timex.
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  2. Medium pearlised face ladies tag link watch, got it in NYC, was over the moon, it goes with most of my wardrobe.
  3. baby blue candy novacheck burberry watch (it was an early xmas present!)
  4. Michele with diamonds for the BLING, and Cartier Roadster with the pink face. love them both!!
  5. I have several timepieces that I switch around. I have one Rolex, one Raymond Weil, and three Ebel watches. I always wear a watch so over the years I've started a collection.

  6. This one

  7. One of these! (I just had the middle one polished, it looks awesome!)

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  8. Great collection Sunshine!
  9. I have a couple. Most frequently worn is my Tiffany Atlas, round, extra-small (this size is no longer made), on black lizard strap. A couple of times a week, I switch instead to my Coach Gallery watch with interchangeable bezel. The strap of that one is tan leather, and I can choose to change the bezel color to pink, white, green, denim blue or silver. I usually just wear the plain silver though.

  10. I wear my Cartier tank all the time because it's the only nice watch I've got and I'm not into watches that much so that one is enough for me.
  11. cartier santos large
  12. I have a Hello Kitty by Kimora Lee Simmons watch w/ diamonds and pink sapphires and a pink alligator strap. I love this watch! I also have a Technomarine TechnoLady that has loads of diamonds but the face is a bit too small for me so I'm selling it. I also have a Burberry watch w/ Novacheck band, and a bunch of fun, cheap, blinged-out watches from HSN.com. :shame:
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  13. My ultimate watch, the Bunny Sutra, LOL:

    I got ten thousand compliments (or not) on it, LOL.

    My bashing (i.e. to the supermarket, to work on dress-down Friday, when sloppy to shop on Saturday) watch, the Cartier Pasha 42mm which I 'borrowed' for the past year from my fiancé:


    This version of Pasha is the cheapest Cartier watch with a 'proper' automatic movement (outsourced from Jaeger LeCoultre) if you are a watchnut! Some people insist that the Roadster, Santos, Tank are awful because it has a movement than costs $5!

    Then I have two Pateks; Twenty~4 in steel with 1 row of diamonds and 4936 in white gold. Actually I wear the Twenty~4 most often - almost everyday until I got the Bunny Sutra last week, LOL. Also I have a Cartier Tonneau (real pic of this in one of my older post, I can't find the thread and I'm too lazy to take a phot again :sweatdrop:).




    Then we go to the ones I look to get rid off...I have a:
    - Panerai Luminor Marina with a white face and date window (which is why it sucks because it's not retro enough). Pics again from my older thread.


    - Jaeger LeCoutre Reverso Duetto - the Florale numbers are so chic but unfortunately too many ladies in my firm have one and since I have too many watches it's logical to get ride of this one. It is this:


    - Chopard square Happy Sport in steel with 5 diamonds. No pics because I left in my parent's house and every lady here knows anyway what a Happy Sport looks like.

    P.S. I hope to come back with the live photo of this Van Cleef and Arpels Lady Arpels Centennaire soon because I have been promised one but the shop is very lazy (serves me right for being lazy myself, LOL)!

  14. Bee..Bee, you have amazing taste in watches!!! :nuts:
    If you don't mind, how much does the Lady Arpels Centenaire go for? It's beautiful! Hope you get it!:flowers: