Wristwatches - what do you wear?

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  1. Current go to dress watch, Tiffany and Co Square Watch

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  2. You have a fondness for black dial watches. the speedy really looks nice on a brown strap. Going to check out Bulang straps.
  3. IMG_4592.JPG
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  4. Yeah, it fell that way unfortunately. I'm trying to get a white dial or blue dial watch. I did have a white dial seiko sarb but sold it a while back.
  5. I am on the hunt for a black and gold watch now! I saw a bulgari carbongold chronograph with the 3 rose gold dials at resale and should have gotten it but was not sure about authenticity. It sold. :crybaby:It was pretty.
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  6. My vintage 1990s Omega DeVille (18ct YG and stainless steel). I've been wearing it for 10 years, a wedding gift from my husband. 20190514_210616.jpg 20190514_211645.jpg
  7. Rolex datejust 36mm
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  8. I really like this
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  9. I know it hurts, but think of it this way.... if it's meant for you, it will find it's way to you. In the meantime, do some research to see if such an item truly existed at Bulgari, if not, find the one you want in a picture. Then put your energy towards it... and viola … it will be on your wrist in no time.
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  10. Funny how the sub found it's way back to me after selling it the last time. Maybe it's meant for me...
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  11. Th
    at happened to too, with a Sub Date. Also regret selling twice a midsize YG President with silver dial and diamond bezel. The current one I have has an aftermarket bezel, but when I have the money I will bring it up to snuff.
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  12. couldn't agree with you more.
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  13. Tudor Claire de rose IMG_0669.JPG
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