Wristwatches - what do you wear?

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  1. It is Breguet Reine De Naples 8908 in yellow gold with diamonds...My favorite piece!
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  2. You have some very nice and expensive watches! I love the breguet..is it a moonPhase? I have been looking for a berry-colored dial! They are hard to find. Ok..how did you go about selecting these? I am always curious about how people make their choices.
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  4. I like your JLC
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  5. Beautiful watches. Love the Jaeger!
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  6. My Bulgari Diagano Rubber and 18 k Yellow gold
    "J!m" 15573250436394809301158232988835.jpg
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Love the bulgari watches with the black/metal combinations! There’s something quintessentially Italian “sexy”.. sorry, I dislike using that expression but am at the moment, at a loss for words. My pint is that It’s great!
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  9. Thank you so very much Essiedub, I totally get it and you are so right... The rubber and the 18 KT gold is an odd and interesting pairing... so wrong that it's right... there is no other way to describe this watch but to use the term that you dislike using (you shouldn't dislike it by the way, it's what everyone usual wants to achieve at some point in their life, hence the laws of attraction ) and or any Bulgari Jewelry... especially anything in the Serpenti collection...
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  10. My new Rolex DJ36 IMG_1098.JPG
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  11. First omega in space speedmaster

  12. I ended up wearing the bracelets on my other wrist. I prefer to wear my watch alone.

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  13. Love LOVE this watch! You’re using a special band. I like that it can work so well with so many bands.
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  14. Give me JLC anytime any day, but that Breguet is something out of a fairy tale! What a beauty!
  15. Thanks! It's on a bulang strap, they make great straps


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