Wrinkles around the eyes

  1. ive just noticed im getting wrinkles aroudn the eyes and some fine lines..

    im 23 and use a daily mostiruser.. can you guys reccomment on what i can use or should do to minimise this?
  2. I'm about the same age as use and have started using a Vitamin C serum daily under sunscreen, plus an eye cream at night.
  3. You might just be dehydrated. Whenever I don't get enough to drink or I'm in a low humidity location, my skin around the eyes becomes loose and a bit wrinkly. Perhaps you could try drinking more water to see if that helps.
  4. Always wear sunglasses.
  5. I have been loving Dior eye cream. Great stuff...capture60/80 or something like that.
  6. I heard that Prevage is supposed to be really good for 20-somethings, you might wanna try that
  7. ^^Prevage is good. The Prevage MD is waaaay better. I've tried both. Not sure but I think you can only get Prevage MD from a dermatologist. I did. Pricey but it works so it's worth it.

    You're in your early 20's. Maybe try Neutrogena eye cream. Costs less and you should still see improvement.
  8. I use the Prevage eye cream and I LOVE LOVE LOVE It. I am 38 and NOTHING works like this for me.
  9. sunblock...but some people just age differently...some women are 50 and look 40 or 25 and look 35...i have seen them :nogood: try night creams too
  10. Thanks guys...

    its def. not water i drink tons!! but will up the water intake just in case..

    as for night creams anythign anyone reccomends? what about strivection i dont know if i can get prevage in bahrain
  11. ^ BabyBoo do you have Faces in Bahrain? I know they carry that line in the Faces in Saudi.
  12. ya we have faces here!! for sure will go check it out!!

    Thanks Noon
  13. Also, don't forget - a light facial sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Skin has memory, so we 20 somethings stand to pick up skin damage now even when our skin is young.
  14. Where does one buy Prevage?
  15. Yes! I used to never wear sunglasses and finally a couple years ago I found a pair that actually fit on my face. Most of them are too big for me and I feel silly in them. But anyway, I used to have that crease between my eyes from squinting and now it's so much better. I'm getting little lines around my eyes but I'm 35. I think it helps though.

    I also use Oil of Olay eye stuff, whatever it's called. It seems to stop your skin from moving as much or something so the little lines don't show as much.