Wow, I just lost my LV savings! =(((

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  1. Im really mad right now i just keep on punching the wall! Grr!

    i just lost my wallet which contained my LVsavings! Heres the story

    So im saving for a mick pm and zcp in graphite so i can buy it in christmas or in my trip to asia this spring. In my wallet was 20 dollars with my savings on a zippered compartment which was around $500. I keep the wallet daily in my everyday bag because i use it to buy daily neccessities. S i brought my bag, with the wallet to a foundation day or program of my old school because i was invited there becausei was in the firstbatch. I honestly remembered that the last time i saw it was there in the program. It was dark because there werelike shows and stuff. My bag has two compartments. So the only times i took things from my bag was when I got bored and was looking at pictures at my wallet, but put it back in my bag and when I took a snack from my bag because my friend was hungry. I did mess around up my bag because my phone rang and I needed to rush in taking pictures because my camera was inside. I couldn't have dropped it because it was big enough for me to see or if it would fall it would have made a noiseor hit a part of my lower body because the whole time I just sat while manipulating with my bag. Then, I had to go home. We have maids in our house and I put my bag in the sofa. A maid of ours took it to my room. Then, when we were ready to pack up and go back to my boarding house in the main city area for my studies, I found out. It wasn't there. I found out when we were halfway to the city, which was 40km from our house. We couldn't possibly go back for it. So I told my parents confidently that it was in my room. My aunt was gonna sleep In our house so I told her to get it in my room. But, I thought that if she was not gonna find it she'll notify my mother first because she does not know my number. So I called a maid back there, to check my room if it was still there. She instead called our other maid to check there. Then the reply that there wasn't any. So I panicked. Then my parents said, " did you find it? " I pretendedly said yes. So I discretely alerted them to find my wallet ASAP because if my parents knew, you don't want to have the slightest idea on what they'll do to me because it's a physical thing. So they said they did not find it, and will try finding it in the other rooms if possible. Sooner later my parents found out and I instead they comforted me yeyyy!! But still, I'm so mad right now, about halfway through saving for an lv then you have to start all over again. Just wanted to share and would like to know your opinions on where it could be based on my story.....I hope God will help me because this also happens to me 4 years ago, I lost my wallet containing $200 in a party. My mom and I also talked today, and she said that maybe the maid who checked got it and lied that it wasn't there. It was also my dada birthday when my bag was in my room. And my aunts babysitters for her child was there. It could have possibly them. But my moms said it's too rude to question them and their honesty. I really need at least just the mick pm for Christmas! I even dreamt about having it today! All opinions are welcome!

    PS. I also thought of getting a Proper container for my savings a day before the program of my old school. I decided to buy the container in the city instead when we would go home,
  2. I'm sorry you lost your wallet and LV funds. Your mom is right to not question everybody in the house; I agree its rude. It is a disheartening situation but look at it this's just money. You can earn it or save for it again.
    It's quite alright to be upset...I hope you figure out a better way to stash your LV fund to avoid more heartache in the future.:hugs:
  3. so sorry to hear that my dear... hope a HONEST person will find it and give it back to you! good luck!
  4. OMG! Im so sorry! I hope who ever finds it is a good person
  5. :hugs: ok a guy hugging a guy is creepy, but oh well... so sorry to hear that!! hopefully someone honest will be able to find the money and hopefully it will find its way back to you!! its only money, at least it does not affect your health, or any loved ones, but yeah :hugs: hope you get everything gets fixed up in long time
  6. So sorry to hear that :sad:
  7. so sorry - hope your wallet is returned to you (with your savings still inside!)
  8. Sorry to hear about this. Hope someone find your wallet and return it to you even if you don't get the money returned with it. Losing IDs, bank cards, important document can be a hassle.
  9. So sorry to hear, I have had my wallet lost/stolen before...not a good feeling :sad:
  10. Very sorry...
  11. I'm so sorry! I save up for my LVs too and I can't imagine how hurt & frustrated I would be if I lost the money. I keep my Purse Fund money in a recipe box stashed in the kitchen pantry and I keep a written log of my savings in a notebook in a seperate place. That way, if someone does find my stash and takes some, I have a record of how much is missing.

    We're all thinking of you! :hugs:
  12. Can you go back to the school and see if maybe someone found it? It would be sad if someone intentionally took it out of your bag, try to take comfort in knowing they probably needed the money more than you, I know it sucks but what can you do? :shrugs: good luck and fortune to you :smile:
  13. Sorry!!!
  14. oh I'm so sorry to hear that :sad: I hate losing wallet, I have experience that once and the pain of getting new ID, ATM, cc are much worse than the feeling of losing the money, it's not that I don't appreciate money though

    I hope by miracle you find your wallet back
  15. Keep your fingers crossed. There are good people out there. My husband lost his wallet on Christmas Eve last year. All our Christmas money was in there (lots of cash!), credit and debit cards, and his drivers license and military ID. A week later we got it in the mail, every cent still inside, with a note thanking my husband for his sacrifices to this country! We thought for sure the money would be gone, but there are good people out there. Hopeful for you!