Wouldn't it be funny...

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  1. ...if there was a "Purse Forum" convention ;) ? I mean look at the Star Trek conventions and such...obviously, I think we'd all be a bit better accessorized, even if they have light sabers. :biggrin:
  2. lol
  3. I'd be one of the few guys there!!
  4. i would be in purse heaven looking at all the great bags in the room!!!!
  5. Hey, maybe your on to something SuLi. I think Vlad and Megs had a genius idea of creating this blog.

  6. you'd be the only guy there.
    at least the only straight guy ;)

    or maybe some women would drag their poor boyfriends/husbands along. like in a mall, you know? where the stores are full of ladies and outside there are always at least 15 guys sitting on benches holding purses and shopping bags. :lol:
    i always feel so bad for them.
  7. I've asked my bf to hold my purse a couple of times. He usually gives me this death look, but if he agrees to it, he holds it as far away from him as possible :lol:
  8. That would be handbag heaven for sure! Who wouldn't go?
  9. We need to do it somewhere fun, with great shopping!!!!!!!!
  10. YES! That would be soooo great! I'd drag my husband with me. Just so he knows how i feel when he drags me out to those car shows of his.:lol:
  11. My husband's car club does this 1-2 x's a year. Last time they met was in July in Las Vegas; of course I went for the shopping and boxing (it coincided with the middleweight Hopkins/Taylor title fight, which I had primo tickets for.)
  12. It'd be awesome, especially if we could have a dealer room like at the other types of conventions !
  13. :lol: I'd totally be down for that~! Just let me know where and when, then we should all go on a massive shopping spree woohoo!
  14. Vegas would be awesome!!! There would be stuff for the hubby/bf to do there and lots of awesome shopping! But if we do, please give us lots of notice so that I can save up my $$$. I'm sure the shopping will cost much more than the trip!
  15. I think it would be so much fun! It would be nice to all go shopping together!