Would you pay full price (or close) for a bag you love?

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  1. Just out of curiosity... HH is my new obsession, and there are a few bags I'm lusting after, but I've only been on the lookout for them for a couple of weeks. Some are online at various retailers for not quite the full retail price, but not a huge discount like the President's sale. As a newbie, I'm not sure how often the seemingly popular bags turn up on the bay and the like, and whether it's better to just sit tight and hope one turns up (taking the risk of *gasp* never finding it), or whether I should just suck it up and and pay a higher price than I'd get (in theory) on the bay, and consider myself lucky to have found it in the first place... Whaddya think?
  2. If it's a newer bag, I'd say wait and watch the bay, bonanzle and ecrater. It's pretty likely at least one of each newer bag will turn up in the near future...I can't think of any bag from recent sales that hasn't turned up at least once, although I may be wrong. If it's an older HH, like plum Havana or emerald goat corc LOL, jump on it! ;) Otherwise I'd wait. Just my opinion.
  3. One idea -- let us know which bags are on your hit list and we can let you know what would be a reasonable "deal" / "steal" price or even the likelihood that it will turn up on eBay in general.

    There is a LOT of DEEP HH expertise and HH-obsessive-compulsive disordered here (I'm a card carrying member)- folks who have the repetitive strain injuries to prove their HH sales mettle. :okay::roflmfao:

    What constitutes a deal/steal can be subjective but we can give you a sense of whether it's ever been deeply discounted, lowest recalled price etc...
  4. Great idea, jan!

    I'm one of those who really couldn't pay full price for a bag. I have to wait for a sale, or, let it go with a sigh. Usually something else will come along that makes me just as happy.
  5. If I really wanted the bag, I'd pay full price, especially if I'm buying it directly from the designer. They need our support, you know.

    But - having written that - I can tell you that almost 90% of my bags were purchased at below MSRP due to sales and purchases from elsewhere...
  6. Most of my HH's have come at a heavy discount. Never would have ordered the Pastis in Bouton d'Or if not for the fact that it was 65$. Others I had my eye on and waited for the price to drop before I pounced.

    Exceptions are the Suki and Wyeth Tote. The lust scrambled my normally budget-focused brain -- both were "rewards" for various milestones (though let's face it, I can invent a milestone for any darn day of the week). I NEEDED the Wyeth like a human needs water. It did not disappoint! :yahoo::nuts:
  7. I hear ya Jandelvis...the corod Wyeth is one bag I'd pay full price for. NO dissapointments with that bag at all!
  8. Jandelvis - that's a great idea, since you guys know WAY more about this than me. I'm still learning and reading threads, etc., to figure out which of the older styles appeal to me, but as of now I def want a Havana in both VCP and GZ (the VCP appeals since I'm a sucker for iridescent-y finishes, and even tho I was never much into grey, I LOVE the GZ pilot I got). So far, I haven't seen the GZ anywhere at all, and I missed a VCP on the bay early last week (w/a BIN of around $280) and since then have only found it at online retailers for around $390 (or higher). I'm guessing these were heavily discounted recently, which would make me feel kinda dumb to pay a lot more, but I :heart: them and no one seems to be letting theirs go...:crybaby:
  9. I have to say, I would pay (and have paid) full price for my bags- I have also indulged in the sales. BUT- I only pay full price for those bags I ABSOLUTELY adore- no question about it. I find that the stuff I get on sale is stuff I like, but would not have purchased unless on sale... some of these I have grown to love, but there are some that I wish I had saved my $$ for the next lovely bag that I find I can't live without
  10. I agree with bon. I would pay full price for any bag I loved, but only if it was something I've coveted for quite a while. When there is a sale, I usually purchase bags that I wouldn't have otherwise, and usually it has been love. I'd pay full price for any Clara( it is my first LOVE!)..and now my Wyeth! Dear lord...I pray for myself come spring!
  11. Good question!! For me, I don't seem to know my own mind very well :Push: Something I thought was wonderful can become immediately blah (thank goodness for Macy's 180-day return policy!), then sometimes the impulse bargains I buy actually serve me very well and I use them up completely.

    For anyone that really knows their own taste and their mind, they'd probably get their money's worth out of buying exactly what they want. I envy them.

    For myself, I love a considerate and thoughtful bargain for the opportunity to try something I wouldn't otherwise try (because I am so fickle) and take the chance its a winner. If not, then not much $ was 'wasted'.

    The condensed version - I always try to get some sort of sale price - I'm too fickle not to. . .
  12. I haven't paid full price for one HH yet...
    That's how good and often their sales have been..
    Now when the Lolita comes out.. I'll be pondering your same question again..
  13. I don't think that $390 for the VCP Havana is that out of line. They had them for sale for $155 for like 5 minutes, and around $360 for a while. This was one bag that I would definitely have paid full price for--and by full price I mean 20% off, no tax, and free shipping from Luna Boston ;) I think I ended up getting it during the sample sale (?) around october for $360. I totally pounced on that when I saw it b/c up until that point it had been on backorder, etc.

    At this time of year (or season) I would have a hard time shelling out the big bucks for an older model when there have been such crazy sales. But come feb or march I'm sure there will be something I just have to have right that moment and won't have the patience to wait around to score it for less.
  14. What is the Lolita???

    Should I brace myself?
  15. ITA with bon too. I have paid full price for one bag that I really had been wanting and I had the money to pay for it at that time, so when it went on sale for 25% off 6 months later it didn't really bother me terribly, it was paid for and I enjoyed it. My other bags have been on sale because I have been patient and lucky and didn't have the money to pay full price, but I still only buy what I absolutely love and will use. That price for the VCP Havana doesn't seem too terrible to me though. On a side note, I think that is a stunning bag.