Would you buy this bag?

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  1. [​IMG]

    If you already owned this bag:

  2. Are they too alike? I love frame bags - old timey bags. But I don't know if it's just too much money to spend on two bags that are so alike. As it is there are only so many times a month I use the bottom bag, since I have to be dressed a certain way to pull it off - so i'm not sure if its worth it.
    Then again - I think the top bag is so classic and pretty.
    Does any PF member already have the top bag? I could use a review! :flowers:
  3. I have the top bag. It actually looks a bit different in person in that it expands and slouches slightly when filled with your items. It is a lovely bag that goes with everything. The only cons: it is slightly heavy once I get my things in it and it really can't be worn over the shoulder at all. In addition, the opening at the top is slightly small and it can be hard to get your items in and out of it (that is because I have a giant LV zippy organizer). I don't want to discourage you, however, as this bag is very special and classic.
  4. Sounds like it might be the more casual of the two bags, I think they are both gorgeous and would not have any trouble owning both. One is more formal and one is more casual :smile:
  5. hmmh, i think they both make a completely different statement. i would wear the second one with a retro-feel to the clothes, while the first one is so versatile, i`d say!

    and i agree with dervilfal, the second one is more formal, so i`d go for the first one as an everyday bag and keep the second one for special events.
  6. I would get both, but probably not both in black.
  7. Yes!i love both!
  8. I would probably not buy it, although it is certainly a beauty, but for a different reason: I really like to have my hands free and prefer shoulder bags.
  9. Both of them are nice ...

    May I ask ... for the second bag which collection is it ?
  10. Tough call! They're both uniquely classic bags. If I recall correctly, someone here has the BV in Ebano (or another dark brown), and it's classy and gorgeous. I love that the chain detail adorns the solid edging and does not interfere in either a visual or tactile manner with the woven sections.

    Litigatrix has a good point - maybe another colour choice would reduce the redundancy factor enough to make the purchase?
  11. I think the top bag is very casual, could be used more often than the bottom. But it also depends on your lifestyle! Get it if you love it!
  12. Both bags are beautiful, but the top one looks better if it could be worn over the shoulder, IMO. I'm not sure if the handle drop length would be long enough for that.
  13. I have the 2nd bag (from Marc Jacobs Fall 2005 Collection) in the smaller size, I really love it. I would buy a different BV bag. =)
  14. Great answers. I do love the BV bag. I guess i'll add it to my wishlist as i'm on a bit of a purse ban right now!
  15. I've got the one at the top but in purple. :tup: