Would you buy an imperfect bag for a steal?

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  1. Most likely, unless this imperfection was like.. half the bag was missing.
  2. I think I would ...if the imperfection is not really noticable..but if it was like an LV and the LV's were upside down then I wouldnt
  3. I wouldn't. Call me obsessive compulsive,but I buy few bags,and when I do I am happy to pay for them to be perfect.
  4. If the imperfection is small, then maybe.....
  5. If LV actually did that I would be all over it!
  6. Hmmm. This is in the category of "Things I Do That I Later Regret". I love, love, love bargains so tend to jump at these sorts of things. However, I'm also a perfectionist, and take really good care of my bags, and think that those little imperfections would ultimately bug the heck out of me. I've learned, after buying lots of thoes "little imperfections" on ebay, to just walk away.
  7. where can i get a bag like that.
  8. I would. However, i wouldn't pay for anything that's imperfect for $500 more. So my limit is $500 for an imperfect bag. hehehhe....
  9. If it's a minor imperfection that no one but me can see, I'll think about it because I can get pretty OC about stuff like that. IE, if it's a Hermes with a minor imperfection at a cut price, I'd be all over it like STDs on Paris Hilton. Otherwise, it has to have some really good points for me to get it.
  10. If I couldn't really notice then heck ya!
  11. I am totally obsessive/compulsive too. For higher end bags, nothing but perfection would completely drive me insane. :shame:
  12. i do...
    MJ Blake for $495
    MJ Stam for $720

  13. If it was a minor imperfection and I really liked the bag I'd definitely buy it.
  14. If the imperfection is minor and not very noticable, I sure will. =)
  15. My update: I wish I knew how to post pictures!! I must get help. I bought a Vin Baker metallic bag in bronze for 1/2 of the orignal price of 300. It is a slouchy bag with a hard bottom that was banged up a bit. I am glad I only paid half though because since I've used it a couple of days some NEW scratches have already appeared. It is a trendy bag, cute, and I wanted this color in my wardrobe, but I think these metallic bags aren't as durable as others, so I'm glad it didn't cost more.