Would you buy an imperfect bag for a steal?

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  1. Would any of you buy a bag that was scratched or something not very noticeably (on bottom/etc.) if it was 1/2 price?? Would that bother you or would you be pleased to get a deal on one of your bags?
  2. If I couldn't really notice it and it didn't take away from the bag I would purchase it.
  3. I would but I am a poor college student so that likely has to do this my opinon! 1/2 price though is an amazing discount, I don't think I could pass that up!
  4. Ditto :biggrin:
  5. I'd certainly buy at half the normal price!!! :biggrin:
  6. Depends on the specific bag and imperfection.
  7. Sure! If it was a bag that I really wanted and could never, ever get retail for 1/2 price.
  8. I agree with Swakymama. It depends on the bag and how hard to find it is. If it was a Chanel and it had a slight imperfection on it, I would be on that bag like white on rice!
  9. If it was on the bottom and i couldnt see it sure i'd buy it.
    I would also buy it if the price was right and far less then retail.

    If you're not willing to deal with a little flaw then move on and buy new less worries. IMO

    The way i see it is the savings could help finance another bag or accessory.

  10. darn right I would. I got my apple green roxanne from bob ellis shoes like that; a little scratchy, but worth every penny paid!
  11. Depends on the imperfection too. If it's not noticeable and wouldn't bother me, I'd buy it.
  12. I love getting a deal on a bag! If the imperfection was very minor and not very obvious, I would definitely jump on the chance.
  13. Yes!!! I love bargins!
  14. absolutely, i'd jump on it. a bag doesn't have to be the picture of perfection for me to love it!
  15. It depends on the price of course.. but I problebly would:biggrin: