Would you buy an imperfect bag for a steal?

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  1. same here! even if it were only 30% off, I'd still do it.
  2. If the imperfection won't bother me then yes.
  3. Most definitely esp if it were a bag that I've been eyeing....I wouldn't be able to resist the deal. But of course if the imperfection was ridiculously obvious, I might have to pass.
  4. I would buy it.
  5. If it wasn't too noticeable, I would buy it. Can't pass up a good deal!
  6. As long as it wasn't a pull or something that was going to get worse, I'd definitely go for it!!!
  7. as long as the damage isn't too noticeable.
  8. Same for me; I'd buy it if it wasn't terribly noticeable. Bags are bound to get damaged at some point!
  9. I bought an irregular mulberry bayswater, it has variations in the leather on the back that looks like water drops and an irregularity on the accent trim and not one person has noticed it, in fact random people have complimented it and it was less than HALF PRICE!
    When it's the kind of bag that gets broken in, I'm all for discounted damage. but if it was a white bag with crayon marks, or a beaded bag with missing beads, no way
  10. Yes, I would, if I loved everything else about the bag. 1/2 price is a great deal!
  11. i would use it but only if i could not really notice.
  12. I agree. If it was a rare bag with a minor imperfection then I would buy it if it was a good price. If it was a fairly common bag that wasn't that great a price I wouldn't buy it even if the imperfection was really minor. I'd rather spend the extra $$ and have a new bag.
  13. i agree.. for some brands a tiny almost unnoticeable imperfection wouldn't bother me at all
  14. Agreed :smile:
  15. Yes I would. No one would probably notice the imperfection except me anyway.