Would the color of the black dust bag transfer onto the light color bag?

  1. Hi all, just out of curiousity, do you think the color of the black dust bag would transfer onto the light color bag? I am asking coz I have this light silver deerskin camera bag from last year and I always wonder whether it is safe to keep the bag in its dust bag......

    For those who have white/light color bags, do you think it's safe to put the bag in its dust bag? It should be safe to do so right since the dust bag is made to keep the bag INSIDE??
  2. I personally haven't had a problem. I have a white and a pink Cambon, they are always stored in their dust bags and I have no problems.

    I also have a beige caviar bag, that's also kept in it's black dustbag...no problems.
  3. I haven't had any problems with my beige deerskin chanel bag. I 've had it for almost 4 yrs, hardly wear it, and haven't had any color transfer from the dustbag . The only problem I've encountered with this bag is denim transfer ... it came off with leather cleaner (the apple sounding one)
  4. I keep my white caviar away from the dust bag, but I think silver would be okay.
  5. I place all my bags (leather, suede, nylon, satin, canvas, terry cloth) in dustbags for years and they are ok.
  6. I've kept my light beige bowling bag in the black dust cover for 2 years, and so far no color transfer or anything harmful to the bag. knock on wood :smile:
  7. My medium classic flap in white caviar and my white medallion coin tote have been stored in their dustbags for over 2 years and they are as white as the day I purchased them.