Work Vent aka Complain About Your Job!

  1. Our government had announced off work and school today due to the weather...but my mean boss doesn't let us go home.
  2. I share an office with tons of other people (basically cubicles) and no one shuts up. I need to bring ear plugs b/c my productivity has plummeted.
  3. what kind of business do you work in?sounds like an ideal environment for me, but I've never had an office type job.
  4. it amazes me how many ignorant people i meet on a regular basis as a server.

    last night 1 guy really took the cake. he wouldn't shut up about how skinny i am, he flat out asked me how much i weigh, and then when i gave him a ballpark range he still made rude remarks. he asked me how many inches my waist is, and then him and his friend asked me to turn to the side, so then they checked me out from head to toe and remarked how i could hide behind a light pole :wacko:. he has a really weird sense of humor- i would bring him something and he would say it took entirely too long and he's been waiting forever, and then he'd wink. and yeah he did that every single time. then he went on to say i obviously didn't get a job in the business field (what i majored in) because i'm stuck working at _____ restaurant. i hate when people assume you're there because you haven't found something you really want. i know that's the case for some people, but not for me. i told him flat out i wanted to take time off so i could travel with my husband and then go back for another degree. when you have a "serious" job, you can't really do that. i like the flexibility that this restaurant gives me, and i truly like the people i work with.

    that guy was one of the biggest pricks i've ever met in my life.
  5. I'm not annoyed with my job or any of my coworkers. I'm really annoyed with myself and just need to vent. I made a mistake at work and it has been eating me up all weekend. Even though one of the senior members and my boss keep telling me not to worry about it, I just can't seem to shake the "you really messed up" thoughts. I know that the issue can be fixed, but I feel like I let everyone down. Ugh, I hate this feeling!
  6. i've come up to a point in this job that everything i do is crap---i'm told to do it, so i do it even though i think the end result is hideous. i'm a graphic designer that's apart of a small marketing team for a sportswear retailer. my old boss was great but she hired an unqualified moron to replace her during maternity leave. her position is "visual merchandising and marketing manager". the unqualified moron has little to no experience in visual merchandising and relies heavily on the "visual merchandising field coordinator". the unqualified moron also is royally AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL as a marketing manager---a title that doubles as "art director". she's useless as a creative force and under her direction, projects come out mediocre looking at best.

    there are 2 graphic designers on the team but i'm the work horse, i play fetch and do stupid, insignificant, waste-of-time things that i swear she just makes up on the spot.

    she lacks tact when she speaks to people and then wonders why i'm not being all buddy-buddy with her like i am with most people. she called me unprofessional at least 5 times after disagreeing with her on several occasions. she's incredibly righteous about how she's such an "easy-going and great manager". i know that if i left abruptly, it would cause her to trip. she needs me to do the work but she's being a complete d*ck.

    i've been looking for a new job but nothing yet.
  7. I've worked with my boss for about 1 year. I'm getting to learn about him. He's a really nice guy, but when it comes to details, I'm not telling him anymore. I'm just keeping it "vague" and "high-level". I think I get too deep into details that he starts asking me questions about those details, I answer them and he doesn't understand my answers and we go around in circles. Just a note to self - keep it vague and high level and save him the pain of knowing the details.
  8. ^next time ask for a raise
  9. I just don't like that people talk about sex too much at my job. I'm so awkward so it's weird for me.
  10. No one should have to deal with being uncomfortable because of people having conversations about sex. Is it other women or men. personally, i think theres a big difference between the two, if you are a female and the women talking about it are female thats one thing, but if you are a female and its men talking about it, then that could be sexual harassment and if it makes you feel that uncomfrtable i would instantly report it!

    what do you do for work?

    I can picture a bunch of hairdressers talking about it and ti being okay, but in a corproate environment big no no
  11. I work for the government in an IT dept. It actually was started by a female whose husband is coming home from a long business trip. She kept going on about it and everyone was laughing and joking about it. I felt uncomfortable mainly because I'm a virgin and it's just awkward for me in general to talk about sex.

    It's really not sexual harassment since they didn't say anything to me about it. I just happened to be there when they were joking about it. I'm just naturally awkward tho. It's a gift lol.
  12. The new job I am at is very poorly run and I am mean very. Im shocked that there are 3 managers and various supervisors yet no one can come up with ideas to make things more efficient. Hours are being wasted per day by employees not having the proper tools/supplies to do the job. Their system is whack.

    On top of that, people are constantly quitting, being late or not showing up for their shifts. There is so much laziness and complaining. No one is taking this job seriously. They were so short staffed that they put me to work alone after I wasnt even done half my training.

    Im constantly told how strict the managers are and I had a manager nitpicking every aspect of my work. Today at the end of my shift, I had some major complaints about the workers before me not doing their jobs properly which cost me a lot of time and effort and made big boo boos with clients. I brought it up with one of the managers and she just shrugged and said "yep, a lot of the girls are just lazy." Oh really, YOU arent the lazy one? Then why not do something about it? I cant stand when managers are selective about job proficiency. Shaking my head...

    On top of that, we are rated by a "point" system for how well we do in our jobs and get incentives for doing well (cash gifts, ect).. I noticed there is one lady who wins every single month for employee of the month. Today I found out she was one of the bosses friends.. so its basically fat chance for everyone else.

    They always ask me if it would be difficult to transition from being a boss to being a nobody. Its hard. You notice mistakes. You know you can do it so much better. You try to get others to listen to your ideas but they look at you like you dont know anything because they are afraid you will take their job. It kills you not being able to make changes, the right changes that will help everyone. Thankfully I am able to keep to myself the majority of the time during this work, which helps keep me sane. :smile:
  13. I think my company is going under...
    I work for a small public relations firm and we're losing clients much faster than we are gaining them. I'm looking, but I get turned down frequently because I don't have enough experience in this field yet.

    If this company goes under I'm pretty screwed.
  14. It absolutely is harrassment if it continues/repeats. You don't have to be a "target" for it to be a hostile work environment.

    However I hope it was just a one time thing!
  15. Two jobs so two brief rants but mostly good with work.

    Job 1: Seriously under paid for the expectations, but the bosses are nice.

    Job 2: Pay is okay (not great), but the bosses are not always polite, consistent, or good at communication. Let's just say, I'm expected to turn around ALL emails in 24 hours, but bosses only return 1 of 3 emails. Ugh. I email ONLY when I need information and can't find it elsewhere...would be lovely to get a response.