Work or no Work

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  1. So I have been admiring all the lovely pictures of you ladies and your work. I am loving the look and would love to have one in giant hardware but not sure how functional it will be for me. I don't really put much in my bags and the city fits everything I need. I only carry my wallet, sunglasses case (which is pretty chunky), small makeup bag and my cellphone. I just feel like the work will be wasted space and will look funny with nothing to fill it up. As well, I am 5'5 about 120lbs...size 2...will the work look ginormous on me? I want it to be something I can dress up too and I feel like the work looks more casual? What do you ladies think.
  2. if you think the city size is enough for your daily needs, you'll definitely find the work to be very spacious, unless you like big bag. once it's broken in, it's not all that big, just like a tote size. and there's no way you can fill it up to the brim, it'll be too heavy. if you want something that can put your work documents, yes, it can.
    here are some threads maybe helpful~
  3. Thanks honeylicious for the links. It does look really big on some ppl and smaller on others...maybe like you said they are broken in.
  4. i'm 5'6" and 120 pounds, size 4. I prefer my work over my city...but that's because i like my bags to be spacious and find the city filled up once i put my make up bag, my wallet, my name card holder, my sunglasses, and my key pouch in. There''s not much else space to put a light cardigan...and my documents. However, with the work, it is just perfect for me.
  5. Yes I do agree with you that I like having an option to put in a light cardigan. I have never really been a big bag type of girl though...but there is always a first.
  6. Well... if my statistic in bags make any sense, I have 4 work, 2 maxi twiggy, 2 Polly, 1 part time and 1 city …but I've just ordered another part time and another city to add to my collection!!!

    My favourite is still the work or part time for weekday office usage... you may want to consider part time?
  7. It is funny you say that because I am thinking a part time might work better for me.
  8. A part time is bigger IMO as it gives you extra space on the sides …and with your height, I'd think it will look nice on you. And best part is since you should be on the slim side, you should be able to sling over your shoulders using the handles and on weekends, when you want a more casual look, you can choose to use the strap...
  9. Thanks jschang, I am going to look into that :biggrin:.

    And welcome to tpf!
  10. I thought the Work was super big on me when I first carried it years ago but I gave it a chance and absolutely love the style now. Before the Work I never ever carried or even liked big bags. I love all the extra room and actually prefer the slouch that results from carrying very little in the bag! I'm 5'7"/105 lbs. and the Work feels like a great size. I say Go For it!
  11. You may want to check out this thread …maxi Twiggy or part time ~ help me …there's some nice pic there
  12. Thanks MAGJES! Love hearing from you. The work I have my eye on is a mint ruby gsh too!
  13. Agree! I am almost 5 9 (not telling my pounds lol) and love big bags. I don't carry much day to day (wallet, keys, 2 phones and sunglasses) so the work is not filled much at all and still looks great. I also love the slouch that the Work develops. I think you could totally pull it off.

    Yoyo, I can bring my GSH Ocean Work with me when we meet up in Oct ;)
  14. i think the works will works fine on you. i'm 5'4" and about 95lbs and i feel alright carrying a work.
    and i think the work looks best if it's not stuffed too
  15. Yes MJ!!! Please do bring that beauty for our date :biggrin:. I am so looking forward to it!

    Thanks seahorseinstripes!