Won't be on tpf as much as I would like to anymore...

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  1. Well its come to my attention that TPF is getting to be a little "addicting" to me and that my spending habits for COACH bags are increasing... which isn't helping the checkbook much... so i've decided that I'm going to try and not be on tpf as much as I normally am... sad I know... I just thought I would vent because its disappointing at the same time... :crybaby:
  2. I agree with you. My shopping dramatically increased after I joined tPF in January. Now, I know it was my own doing and I have since gotten my spending back where it should be. I have also found that I'm spending hours on tPF every day/night, I just love it here! I am also trying to limit my time on-line. There's just so much to do here! :heart:
  3. yeah i totally agree crazy for bags... it looks like we joined tpf in the same month this year... i mean i LOVE tpf, its SO addicting, especially this COACH forum... i've learned SO much on here too about bags that I never knew before... its just kind of taking over a little more than i expected.. i just need to tone it down a little... :shame:
  4. O gee, what am I getting myself into? I hope the hubby doesn't find out! :wtf:
  5. looks like your a newbie on here xxoBAG... Welcome! just wanted to tell you that tpf is a GREAT way to learn about all the different types of designer bags... just to warn you though, it does get addicting! LOL :yes:
  6. Thx CoachGirl. BTW I love your hair! It's so cute!:yes:

    I heard about tpf from one of the gals at work. She doesn't come on here, but told me about it.
  7. Hey there. Well you have to do what is best for you, and you are not the first one to leave or limit your time on here. :nogood: I think most if not all of us can relate. I know when I first joined I was in that honeymoon stage too.. I bought a ton and it was a frenzy.. I returned/exchanged/sold most of the bags as new ones came, but it was still out of control and took a lot of time and money. I still love Coach but in moderation now and I love it too much here. I am glad you are sticking around.. just remember there will always be something faster, shinier, prettier, around the corner and we can't have everything. That is what I remind myself of and it seems to help. ;) Good Luck hon, you have some beautiful bags! :yes:
  8. awww thanks xxoBAG! thats so sweet of you! :flowers: my hair is long... hard to manage sometimes! ;)

    yeah i heard about it thru the grapevine, TPF is just a good "resource" ya know? but i actually thought about it more, and i think i'm gonna start a "BAG FUND" that is strictly for bags only, so then i won't feel bad if i buy a bag because then i know i'm saving up for it instead of just taking it out of my checkbook... :smile:
  9. You know, I am so sorry to hear that you feel the need to cut out the forum, but I totally agree with you!! This is definitely an addiction!!

    I have to be online a lot of the day, and I always keep tPF up... My spending has definitely increased...just from PCE in March, I can't tell you how many bags I've bought!! I would like to say it's simply because all of the sudden the bags that I really "have to have" are all coming out at once, but I know it's partially because I see the posts here and the pics when people order them. It's just SOOO enabling!! Prior to this I had NEVER walked into a boutique and bought any high priced item at full price!! I might buy a ponytail scarf or wristlet, but that was it!! I was much better off when I didn't focus so much on the new items coming out because the bottom line is that eventually you CAN get all of this for way cheaper at the outlets, Ebay, or dept store sales..even if you don't get PCE!! YOu just have to be patient and wait, and good things come to those who wait!!

    Honestly....I usually feel very good after the outlet runs because I look at the retail prices and what I just paid, but i feel REALLY guilty looking at the boutique receipts. It never ends, and now I find out there's a new Bleecker collection with purple patent!! UGH.... I may have to evaluate this soon as well...or simply only read and respond to posts where I feel like I can help, rather than looking at pics of new bags that people have bought, lol! I get into trouble when I'm "too informed" on what's coming out, lol!

    We'll miss all your posts, but I totally understand you need to do what you can to help yourself here!

  10. That's a great idea...fund for bags! I was doing ok till I got out of the "sell one bag to buy one"...or at least sell one to buy two routine. Now I don't even know what the statistics are, and I'm kind of out of space in the closets!!
  11. That's a great idea! I usually have the hubby buy me my purses. I know, must be rough! But if he offers why not?

    Get a sugar daddy girl! :yahoo:
  12. ^^^haha, thats totally me bag... thats funny, yeah i'm online all day at work as well and have tpf up... i refresh the page every so often to see if anyone got a new bag... one that i might like too that i haven't heard about! LOL :graucho:, i'm just goin to limit my time on here, i'll still be on here (well probably more so in the mornings/afternoons), but then at night i'm going to have to stop being on tpf... i'm gonna try real hard though to not buy things just 'cuz'... i know i should have more of a reason to buy instead of... "o i want that because its a gorgeous bag!" i mean do i really need all these bags? LOL... i mean i do, but in the end i know that i'm not a person that is filthy rich and should have all these bags... i need to start justifying my purchases... in the end i know i won't feel so guilty... but i think having a 'bag fund' is going to help me more! i'm kind of excited about it... :smile: i hope this will help me out more!
  13. ^^^LOL... O tell me about it, wouldn't all women like to have one of those!! haha... no my boyfriend knows i have an addiction to purses, and he's definitely not helping me with it... he said i gotta learn on my own... he said he doesn't see why i need so many purses... he also told me that a bag fund is a great idea!
  14. It's not you it tpf!! Yes this site is very bag for you bank account! I joined a month before you and I have gotten 4 new bags this year! Last year I didn't buy one, well I did but returned it!
  15. Cry for help
    Just got a Coach Fanny Pack, the one that looks like Gucci Waist/Fanny pack from my girlfriend who claims it an old limited edition. I think it's fake...... does anyone know what Im talking about and where i can get a pic of one