Won this Vernis Broome - Seller hates me?

  1. I've won this auction on eBay and a day after the auction ended the seller sent me an email saying this :

    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi,

    Congratulations on your bargain; could you please let me know how and when you intend to pay. If you have changed your mind then I can make a second chance offer to the under-bidder. Thanks very much indeed. "

    Then since she offered to sell it to the 2nd highest bidder, I thought that's great! So I told her please go ahead...
    then she replied me:

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi,

    Thanks for letting me know but that's really not the way to do business; you should not make purchases without having the funds in place to start with.

    I will start the non paying bidder procedure in 7 days time and will offer this to the under-bidder."

    That I replied again, apologizing. I told her I intended to pay for it but since she said she would offer it to the 2nd highest bidder I thought she wouldnt mind if I change my mind.

    Here is her reply:
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Indeed I did make that offer but who is to say the under bidder will want the item?

    If you pay now then I believe I can still cancel the offer to the under-bidder."

    Then I told her, I would make the payment within 5 days of her auction listing but wouldnt be able to last night when she asked me.

    She replied:
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]My auction terms and conditions only accept postal payments within 5 days so I assume in that case you will be paying by wire transfer or money order? Please advise which."

    Then I said I will Paypal it with confirmed address.

    Her reply:
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Well to start with you won't have a confirmed address because you are in Australia so that's impossible to start with.

    Secondly, PayPal payments are expected immediately.

    So I suggest we leave it like this - if the under-bidder purchases the item and pays for it prior to you then its hers and the non paying bidder process will be commenced against you."

    Then she emailed me again:
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]The underbidder has now purchased AND paid for the Broome wallet so I am afraid it is no longer available for you."

    My final email to her:
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi,
    sorry to say this, but it seems that you have something against me from the start.
    I am sorry if I have offended you somewhere along the conversation, but not once have I intended to do so.
    I am glad that you have received the payment from the 2nd highest bidder.
    Although like I have said to you I will make the payment. However you proceed on and now the wallet is sold. I have confirmed my Paypal account by upgrading it so not sure why you say since I live in Aussie that means I am not verified.
    Can you please kindly let me know what have I done wrong so at least I can apologize properly?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Kind Regards"

    Is it me?
    Ive been reading all the email just so I know what I might have said offended her...I JUST DONT GET IT!!!

    Now she's gonna proceed with the NPB, I dont want to get negative feedback :crybaby:
    HELP! What can I do?
  2. wow thats harsh. id contact eBay and maybe let them see the emails she sent you. it sounds like she had second thoughts on selling it.
  3. I'm guessing she didn't want to sell to you since you're in Australia just judging by the way she worded her first email to you. There's no reason she should have started the second chance offers so soon after the auction ended. I'd contact eBay as well with all those same emails that you posted here because what she did is against the seller rules.
  4. That's so odd, but, not everyone in the world is sweet.
    So I guess just move on.
    Lots of ebay sellers have something... up their... you know.
  5. I am really anxious about her leaving me a negative since I dont want my 100% feedback is ruined :crybaby:

    What can I do?
  6. She is in the wrong, not you. I would let ebay know about it.
  7. Why are you buying a luxury bag on ebay? It's most likely to be fake anyway :shrugs:
  8. Here's the info from the site:
    When a seller lists an item on eBay, and a buyer bids for and wins that item, the seller and buyer have entered into a contract. Both members are expected to honor that contract. In accordance with that contract, the seller may not:
    • Fail to deliver an item for which payment was accepted.
    • Significantly misrepresent an item by not meeting the terms and item description outlined in the listing.
    • Refuse to accept payment for an item at the end of a successful sale."
  9. How do I do that?
    Just email ebay? :crybaby:
  10. Not if you do your research, that's why we have the "authenticate this" board here. I've gotten a few items from ebay that were discontinued long ago and none were fake.
  11. Because it a discontinued item and it has been authenticated by the lovely TPFer to be authentic :yes:
  12. I have bought several pieces from eBay and have been very satisfied. If you check your seller and make an educated purchase, there is no reason not to buy designer goods at a discount on eBay.

    I agree with the rest of the posters.. I would definately send those emails to eBay and fight the non paying bidder file. You have done nothing wrong.
  13. Thank you everyone!

    I feel less anxious now :smile:

    TPF girls are the best :yahoo:
  14. Thank you LVBABYDOLL!

    This is the non performance seller link isnt it?

    I was trying a thread about this before so thanks heaps :yahoo: