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  1. #1 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    Today I was offered the lambskin woc pink fuschia, black, the timeless in the beige color or the boy woc in black but can't decide whic one to get I have a jumbo black caviar with silver hardware. Which one should I get I will be giving birth soon so I don't want to haul around two kids diaper bag and jumbo that's why I want to get woc help dolls!!! Thank you
  2. Get the one that takes your breath away, that works with your wardrobe, and your lifestyle. Know that the seasonal colors such as fuchsia and beige won't come around again, and black is always available. Good luck deciding.

    chasing my Rainbow
  3. I love the fuschia tutushopper I can't stop thinking about it but I'm scared it won't go for the winter.
  4. Fuchsia will work for winter IMO!

    And you are so lucky to be offered so many choices
  5. I absolutely see this fuchsia color going for all 4 seasons, and I bought it with that in mind. :smile:

    chasing my Rainbow
  6. I would opt for the fushia or black boy WOC, if you can do both get them! You won't regret it!!
  7. I'd skip the beige and the black classic lamb (since you have the black classic flap). Then I'd choose the fuchsia if you're having a girl and boy woc if you're having a boy. Ok, that might be cheesy but it could add a bit more meaning to whichever one you select. If it helps, I don't think you can go wrong!
  8. Fuchsia!! Black will always be there. That's what I keep telling myself lol
  9. Awww...I like the meaning behind this suggestion, jetsetheart! +1! :smile:
  10. Thank you ladies so much not cheeseyy at all I thought the same thing boy because I'm having a boy lol
  11. I would choose the fuchsia WOC or the black boy WOC...

    Boy WOC would fit great because you're having a boy, but on the other hand the fuchsia is such a stunning colour... tough decision...
  12. Beige Timeless or Black Boy. I think Boy would probably would not be a classic once the fad is over. Then it will become a limited edition item? Classic and Timeless will be there depending on the colour.
  13. I'm glad you agree, PrincessCypress! ggomes, let us know what you wind up getting :smile:
  14. +1:smile:
  15. Get the fuschia WOC