1. How do you make yours? Or do you just remember them by heart?

    I'm trying to figure out how to best write down everything. I did one on LV.com and pasted it into MS Word. I've since then continued it with other brands by attaching a picture, brand, description and price. It looks a bit messy though. Any ideas how to do it neatly?
  2. The problem with wishlists is that they change every couple of months (for me, anyway!).
    I am currently compiling my wishlist according to color: my top 3 choices in blue, green, purple, etc. Much easier that way.
  3. yeah, my wishlist changes daily so there's no real point in making a wishlist for myself ;)
  4. Sometimes I write things down that I want, but most of the time I want them enough that I don't need to. Plus my wishlist is always changing so I'd just be wasting paper lol.
  5. Excel. I :heart::heart:Excel. I have a tab for different categories, then a column of "wants," the colour, the price, then the site/store to get it out & discount code/sale to watch for---then if i get it, I move the line to the bottom & record purchase price & store in another column. Then I sum the price columns, MSRP & actual purchase price, seeing how much I save makes me feel better about spending it:shame:

    it never is clear, b/c i use it for EVERYTHING, not just bags.
  6. I have a paper notebook for fashion items. I periodically write down my wishlists and date them. Then a few months pass and I can see what lusts have dried up, and which bags I still love.

    Plus, it's really fun to go back a year or two and say, "what was I thinking??"
  7. I usually obsess about one bag, get it, then move on to another. Right now, my wish list is the Mulberry Mollie in black. After that, I'll probably obsess about a coral/pink Chanel flap, but I can only handle one obsession at a time! :smile:
  8. I would honestly rather not write anything down - that way if I forget something I figure I didn't want it badly enough to remember it in the first place.
  9. I like making a visual "set" at polyvore.com
    I prefer looking at all my options set side by side, it really helps me make decisions better ( I am very indecisive and can't make many purchases).
  10. i write everything i want and need in a journal. that way, everything i buy is well thought out, and i end up doing less impulse shopping. it's hard to keep track of what you need. i remember i use to buy almost everything that was "pretty' and on sale. this was a bad, bad habit.

    the journal really helps.. i still impulse shop, but just less, but who doesn't?
    hmm.. sounds like i have problem or something...hehee...
  11. I had an excel spreadsheet that had pictures I did but I didn't keep up with it. Now, I just have it on my blackberry and I add/edit right away.
  12. My wishlists seem to expand not change :p Color organizing doesn't really work for me since usually I'm more attracted to the model than a specific color for it.

    Wow, I wish I was that efficient. Maybe I should try excel. Maybe that would make my list more organized. I also keep a tab of what I already have so excel would be useful there.

    Lol. I like having a visual aid so I lean more towards an electronic list. Pictures are also a better way for me to realize if I like the bag after awhile. If I get bored looking at the picture there's no point in getting the actual bag IMO.

    Wish I had only one obsession at a time. At the moment I must have at least 10 bags whirling in my head :p

    That's true for me also. I'm a very visual person and like to gather pictures of beautiful things in general as well. When deciding on a purse I like to have the pictures of different models and colors side by side. This makes it way easier to decide.
  13. I have folders of bookmarked sites with the bags I am stalking on my browser. I just make a bunch of sub-folders. 1 for each designer, then 1 for each style and/or color I'm interested in, etc. That way I can regularly check all the sites they're at and see if any go on sale, etc.
  14. I keep an ongoing list of all things I need or want from clothes, purses to bathroom towels. I update it as needed as email it to myself so I always have with me.
    It really helps me when deciding about a purchase and resisting impulse buys.
    If I have down that I need jeans, tees and sandals it really makes me think hard about my purchase when I come across something else, like dresses or boots, on sale.
    It is also really useful around my birthday or Christmas for making gift suggestions.