why so expensive....

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  1. i have been searching for a marc jacobs ZC for quite a while, and i was looking at the local department store (im located in Australia)
    the price of the ZC is liks DOUBLE the price in the US. the marked price is AUD$865:wtf: how is that possible? i was hoping that my hubby will get me one for my birthday, now its just like out of his price range. :cry:
  2. wow that's really high. have you tried ebay australia? just post any zcs you find in our authenticate this thread and someone can help you determine if it's real or not :yes:
  3. that sucks. i find that mj is pretty expensive abroad. must be all those import fees tacked onto the retail price. i would try dawn's suggestion. you'll find some pretty amazing deals on new and older season zc's on ebay and bonanzle. past season zc's have suede lining anyway, so you'd be getting a much better deal. good luck on your search!
  4. my first option was department stores as you really cant get a fake, and 100% reliable.
    but any MJ or MbMJ i find here is like double or triple the price :pout:
  5. what about ordering from the US and having it send over?
  6. i am thinking about it, any sites to recommend? most of them just do shipping within the US.
  7. how about net-a-porter? they don't have any zc's available at the moment, but they might in the near future. the department store sites should offer international shipping. try saks, neiman, nordstrom, bloomingdale's, barneys, and bergdorf.
  8. I'm from Europe and have good experiences with Nordstrom, Shopbop (for MBMJ) and Ann's Fabulous Finds (used & authentic). Saks, Shoptwigs etc. ship internationally as well, take a look tho at possible taxes.
  9. that one is real.. gorgeous color too! :tup:
  10. yuppee i got it :yahoo:
    thanks guys :smile:
  11. congrats! remember to post pics for us, okay?
  12. omg that purple is TDF! which bag are you going to carry your new zc in?

    congrats!! :smile:
  13. #14 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    tadpolenyc: i definitely will :biggrin:
    tuffcookie: recently only using a no-name leather patchwork bag lol, kinda left my designer bags to rot in their dust bags xD

    im looking to buy a MbMJ Dr. Q hobo :smile:
  14. That zip clutch is gorgeous!! Good choice!! Please post pictures when you recieve it.