Why pay so much for anything other then leather?

  1. Just curious why do we pay so much for bags that are not all leather? Like Louis Vuitton,Burberry,Goyard and so on.....These bags are made of plastic and vinyl and we shell out hundreds of dollars. I am guilty too I currently have a Burberry comming on Tuesday.

    So many people love LV's is the price tag really worth it? Are we overpaying just for the name?

    Sorry I was just wondering what anyone else thoughts are on this topic?:love:
  2. Thats a question that get asked alot and...

    The reason I started to invest in an LV bag was b/c I tried other so called nice purses that I spent good money on which feel apart in a couple of months...and they were leather. I got tired of wasting my money...

    The canvas which some LVs are made of and are famous for does hold up remarkably well....its why the LVs are respected..its not just b/c of the name. Thats an assumption that people who dont care for LVs usually say...but if you are into quality and really enjoy your bags...its truely like no other.

    Lasty...just like anything else whether its a car, a good diamond, a nice resturant...there is a good reason for the pricing..its just a personal choice of whether its worth it to you...for some its not..but for others it is.:yes:
  3. The way I see it is designer leather bags like chloes, fendi spys, ysl muse, balenciaga are all over $1k....whereas you can still buy medium-sized LV bags in the $500-700 range. Of course there are not so expensive leather bags like Kooba, Bulga etc...but even then they do not hold their value as well as LV does. I must say though that the LV charms line was really expensive for what it was...even though its one of my favs.
  4. If it's a bag you want, it's a bag you want. I mean, you can't always explain it, but you almost certainly don't want a fake one, and if you fall in love with some new designer's vision, you want to support them. I'm loving the Tokidoki for LeSportsac line, and even though some of them have leather details, for the most part they're ripstop nylon--but that won't stop me shelling out for them when I have the money. I don't think of it as paying for just the material, I mean you could go out and buy leather. You're paying for the design. I actually prefer a bag that isn't obnoxiously loud about who made it, because some people who can't afford these things take it to mean you're snobby. And then you get like the LV monograms where there are so many fakes, the average Joe can't tell them apart on a brief inspection anyway. Also, there are vegan people who might want to avoid leather.
  5. By nature, leather-
    -is vulnerable to water damage
    -stretches over time

    While most canvas or nylon bags (ala Prada, Vuitton, Burberry etc.) are generally:
    -don't stretch
    -rarely fade
    -are resistant to scuffs and scratches
  6. They're durable and because of their designs.
  7. If i pay a lot it usually has to be buttery soft GORGEOUS leather....at least, most of the time. I agree with atrophia in that... I will pay for a great design made of some other material
  8. Right on Atrophia. Paying for the DESIGN=) It is what it is.

    I agree with you in the fact that i dont like a design that is "obnoxiously loud" about who made it. While some people who cant afford the monogram things think people are snobby...others who cant afford them....have them anyways. (Fakes, that is)
  9. i used a Prada nylon tote as my bookbag for school last year, all my friends said why you pay the $$$ for the non leather stuff. however, they carried louis vuitton canvas collection or gucci mono collection and they thought thats leather...and its worth the $$$.

    what i want to say is that..
    the material doesnt mean the most..
    i do love leather bag, like bottega and chloe...
    but sometimes we need something light and something easy to maintain,
    then nylon or canvas would be a nice choice for me.
    i like the design thats why i buy it or i like that function so i buy it...

    everyone will have different purpose when they purchasing........therefore nothing is the best or worth, its all depends on what you feel.
  10. I don't know about the others, but LV has good resale value too.
  11. Like others have said, I get LV because I know that these bags can last me a great deal. Not a lot of other bags can do this, even some other bags that could be more or less expensive than LV. Sure, it doesn't seem that coated canvas is durable, but when I compare how good my LV bag is holding compared to my others, I think it's more than just the name. :drool:
  12. Leather or non-leather you're paying for the NAME. When you get to names is LV, Hermes, etc. even if it's leather the price is still CRAZY!! (and I love it!)
  13. LV canvas is not vinyl or plastic. It's canvas that is woven from Egyptian cotton and then specially coated to make it water and scratch resistant. The stuff is actually more durable than leather. I think it's totally worth every penny. The quality is outstanding.
  14. For me, it's the design, the look and the workmanship. I'll take a well-made LV mono canvas bag over a sloppily made leather bag, or a bag made of cheap leather. That said, I'm much less picky about bags that I'm buying because they are trendy, as I don't care if they are usable after that season is over. For me, those kinds of bags are almost disposable, like clothes from Target or H&M. JMHO!
  15. I don't agree with this. I'm not all that into bags that scream the designer's name, and even if I like a designer, designers have bad days, and I don't like to buy a design, even if it's a designer I generally like, that I think is hideous. I'm not buying it because of the name or because I want to flaunt the name ("Ha ha, look at me, I am wearing Louis Vuitton!"), but because I like the design and I like the bag. The Tokidoki for LeSportsac bags sort of skirt the line on this because anybody who's into fashion or handbags is going to know who made them, but the average Joe won't, and I maintain that I am buying them because I think it rocks that Simone Legno is all about the cute Japanese imagery and tattooed chicks, and because the bag designs are to die for, not specifically because they're "Tokidoki for LeSportsac". To me it's the difference between just any old monogram LV (not putting them down for those who do like them, just personally I don't really care) and the Cherry Blossom line. I'm still not really into the monograms on those either but I'd be willing to deal with it because I really like the design of the bags. If only I could afford one. I'm not specifically buying it ONLY BECAUSE it's Louis Vuitton. To me, paying for the design and paying for the name are two entirely different things.