Why oh why do I have to be sick TODAY?

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  1. Had plans to go out tonight or at least have some green beer. My stomach has been funky all morning and now I'm feeling woozy/dizzy, sweaty palms. I felt kind of weird a couple of days ago so I should have known I was coming down with something. I swear every holiday I get sick :sad2: I'm irish and really wanted to celebrate today but feeling :sick: is probably going to prevent that lol.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.
  3. I hope you feel better soon... Maybe you got the hang over first. ;)
  4. That sucks. Hope you get well soon.
  5. Oooh bummer! Get well soon and make up for it next weekend!
  6. hahha! I was hoping for the hangover at the RIGHT TIME. Unfortunately this might prevent me from having any fun. Such a drag. I'm willing myself to feel better!
  7. Hopefully you'll feel better by tonight.
  8. Twinklette your avatar FREAKS ME OUT!!!

    Is that from a current ad campaign? I think I have seen that in one of my mags?

    Hope you feel better.
  9. Selena I think it was from last year's campaign not positive though. I didn't mark it when I saved it lol. Too freaky to keep??? I love it.
  10. Feel better soon! Hopefully you can celebrate with your friends when you feel better...instead of St. Patty's Day, it can be "Happy Health" day!
  11. oh, no!!! so sorry.:sad: hope you feel better soon. hot tea with gingerale mixed sttles your stomach. i thought it was crazy when my coworker suggested it, but it worked for me.
  12. So sorry you're not feeling well! Ginger tea is also really good (I guess this is why ginger ale works).
  13. Hey girls I didn't know that! I will try both recs out. Trying to force feed some chicken soup now and some french bread.
  14. Sorry to hear....:sad: I think I'm getting my husband's cold so it looks like we'll both be home in bed!
  15. Drink lots and lots of water!! Hopefully you will be feeling better soon!