Why is Prada uncommon?

  1. What is the LV mark up? Interested to see the cost of canvas these days.
  2. I buy Prada and Gucci more than LV. I buy styles because I like them. I get compliments on most of my bags, but I am more surprised by the very enthusiastic comments on my Pradas. While I love my LV Monty, I sometimes think the mono is a little much/young for me. If I buy more LV I think I'll buy the more understated styles.
  3. I'm gonna disagree.
    I do not find Prada as expensive as more common designer bags.
    Here in California its not that popular because of the well done replicas along with the consumer awareness of it being produced overseas.
  4. ^Most Designer bags are produced overseas?? These days everything is made in China...including some of the monogram bags.

    There are also many more replica Gucci and LV than Prada, and like the former, you can spot a fake Prada a mile away.

  5. totally agree with that.
    prada is more of an understated beauty :smile: which i very much appreciate.
  6. Yes your right, its a smaller percentage that are Not made overseas - like Authentic LV, Chanel and others.
    Yes there are Tons of fake Gucci's and LV as they are more popular than Prada.
  7. Isn't that sad?? I read Delux, and she stated that even LV and Chanel were made overseas..that was my point...oh well. Regardless, I still have one LV, a Chanel Jumbo, and some other brands, but my all time love will always be with Prada.
  8. Yes - sign of the times I suppose.
    I do believe Chanel (which is what I mainly collect) is still crafted in Europe and not made in China :o
    However I'm a multi brand lover and love my prada's too.
  9. This thread has got me thinking about the demographic of the aforementioned bags.

    Who wears Prada? Who wears Chanel? Who wears LV?

    As I posted, where I live all I see are Coach and LV (with the rare Burberry and Gucci thrown in). Most of these women are upper middle class suburban moms. I couldn't spot a fake LV if hit me in the face, so I'm going on the assumption that most of these bags are authentic.

    I've never seen a Chanel IRL, other than in NYC and it's been the jumbo flap on an older upper east side woman. I've also seen a million Pradas in Manhattan (fakes from Chinatown? IDK), but not in the suburbs.

    Is LV just trendier and more hip than Prada? I know that with the Saffiano Lux totes, I've read that there's a perception of them being "little old lady bags." I guess I can sort of see that. But they are such lovely bags and when I see them worn, they don't scream "little old lady." Now Chanel, OTOH, I do associate with older women and I think it's simply based on what I saw growing up in NYC. Maybe times have changed, as I see a lot of Chanel lovers on these forum, which is a very diverse group of women. Also LV has been trendy in NYC forever. All the girls in high school (this was the mid-80's) wore fake LV, so I don't have a positive association to the brand.

    Okay, I'm just rambling, but these were my thoughts as I continue to read the responses.

    Great thread topic!
  10. I always wondered this too...I LOVE Prada..admittedly though some seasons are better than others...I adore the gauffre....justed missed a sale bag and I am PEEVED...I only have one LV bag b/c I don't want to scream 'logo whore'..
  11. Alright...going to throw in my two cents :smile: I've recently just sold/gave away ALL of my LV bags from Mono Tivoli GM to MC Speedy (both white and black!) because my style has grown much more sophisticated now that I'm a young professional in the working world and not in college anymore.

    I've transitioned to Chanel, Prada, and Marc Jacobs simply because the styles are much more understated and adds a level of sophistication that LV does not. IMHO I think that LV (and anything monogram such as Coach, Gucci, etc) tends to attract younger individuals that are perhaps looking for something very loud and trendy versus classic elegance. Price may also be a significant factor considering the fact that the majority of my Chanel bags are over 3k a piece!
  12. I think it has a lot to do with the generally higher price points; the fact that most of the bags are leather (fabric options are very limited) and like some have pointed out, the styles tend to be more understated and hence less appealing to those who wear luxury brands as a status symbol.
  13. Where I live in southern cali, I see everybody else carrying LV, coach, and burberry, and channel, ysl among other high end brands, the reason why I love prada is the understatement of it. They are beautiful bags (I own three, two leather and one nylon) and they don't get the 'oh my god' in your face look, most people will think its just a nice bag unless their eye catches the small designer label on the bottom.

    I've had all the above brands, I still carry some burberry, coach among other brands but its my taste and not the brand name that gets me now, I like subtle and class that can go from one season to another and one year too another without somebody going "thats so last season" because they are timeless.
  14. ^ ITA with this....word ;)
  15. because it has less pattern like what everyone else say.. i started with my first lv as present from my dad then my collection grew to 10 lvs.. then i ditched lv and realized how many ppl have it.. then i went off to chanel and dior.. then realize still alot of people have it. too...* never liked gucci only have one gucci bag.and it was present.. didnt buy iy my self* i have few other brands there like bottega, mulberry, marcjocbs and here but none r my favor.. then i went with prada and now i am obsessed with miu miu because not alot of people have it.. but it is stylish and properly priced in my opinion comparing to other brands. * ps my mom used to make fun of me... everytime a girl pass by with lv she would say to me did lv give free sample or sth? i saw 10 girls with the same bag as u..+_+ !! i never stopped at lv since then LOL