Why is Prada uncommon?

  1. haha, that made me laugh!
  2. As a whole, the black nylon Prada and Miu Miu is a pretty common sight in my country, Singapore especially within many new, senior working executives and students because it's understated and affordable price points. However, for other range of bag lines within Prada, it's not often seen.

    Part of the reason some of my friends don't favor Prada bags is because of the seasonal trends. They prefer Miu Miu to Prada because they feel the designs are edgier. On the other hand, Prada RTW is popular with the higher end market and sometimes, may run out of stocks for certain latest designs. Bags-wise, most of these women who purchase Prada RTW often don't tote Prada bags.
  3. I think Prada bags attract someone who is more interested in a nice leather bag rather than just carrying a trendy "designer" bag.

    I've never bought a LV bag because it's the most knocked-off brand in the world and I don't like monogram bags. I see so many LV's that I assume they're all fake. :graucho: The only LV's I own are the cerise wallet and the wine colored patent leather zippy. The bags are too common for me. (No offense to LV lovers)

    Now, I have only 2 Prada bags and I've never seen another woman with either. (I've only seen one Fairy in person and it was in horrible shape.) (I live in New Orleans)

    My Pradas are very understated bags that people usually notice first because of their beauty; they only realize after a good look that it's a Prada.

  4. Completely agree with this :biggrin:
  5. How much is the LV mark up? Just curious.
  6. For me i think prada look so Hi-so and classic forever
  7. Didn't read the whole thread, but I personally wear the bags I love, never mind brand/age associations.
    My first designer bag was Prada, and I was far from matronly age when I bought it.
    I am still in love with it, although mostly with older models, rather than contemporary.... LOL!

    And BTW, here in DC Metro you'll see as many fake Pradas, as LV's, Guccis, Fendis, you name it.
    IMO, the wealthier the surrounding community is, as in, the higher the plank is set to keep up with the Joneses, the more designer fakes you'll see on the street. HTH! :smile:
  8. I think because Prada bags are more Classic, not too trendy like some designers. I love Fendi too but then it seems the bags gets a dated look. Prada is for keeps, not big on re-selling I think. You won't get what you paid for like a balenciaga or LV, imo but I could be wrong. Prada is made well and will last forever and still be in style.
  9. i too switched from LV to Gucci then now Prada. i think that Prada is well worth the price for the leather bags.

    I now find that every 10 people i see in the shopping centres carry either an LV, Gucci or Burberry. I find that it is such a common sight now whereas when you see a Prada - u seldom see the same style/design/colour.

    Back to the topic....i think that the reason why Prada is uncommon is because unlike LV or Gucci, Prada don't hv bags in the same price range as the speedy & neverfull or sukey.

    I think that their nylon range which is on the same price range doesn't appeal that much compared to the speedy, neverfull or sukey ..... me thinks :p
  10. I agree with what others have said. Prada doesn't have that "designer" feel as much as some other brands. It requires a little bit of getting over the sophisticated and getting back to the basic.

    Another reason I can think of that people prefer other brands is their availability of non-leather material. Canvas, nylon and coated canvas bags require less care than leather ones.

    That's said, I am really surprised by the number of Prada's I saw yesterday at a high-end North American shopping center. I took notice of more prada bags than any other designer brand actually. Same thing at the university I am studying at where some kids' parents are really rich. Sometimes, though, a second glance is required for me to notice the Prada label. At my previous university though, Gucci and Louis Vuitton kinda rule... :p So I guess the Prada crowds are there, although there are also many Gucci and Louis Vuitton crowds.
  11. I like some of the Prada designs alot.
    When I lived in Perth (Aus) there were tons of Prada fakes, as well as LV, Gucci and knock-offs of Australian brands. The thrift shops were chock-a-block with them!
    Now that I am back in the states I mostly see fake LV and Gucci. I don't think I have seen one fake (or real, for that matter!) Prada since I have been here. I see ladies with Coach and LV at the mall, and I saw someone with a Chanel at the grocery store the other day. I am pretty sure it was real. I think her jacket may have been Chanel, too.
    I also saw someone at my work (a customer) with Gucci sunglasses the other day, but I am not sure if they were real or not.
  12. Several years ago in Boston Prada was very popular much like how LV, Coach, Chanel, and Bal tend to be popular. But not so much anymore. I have two Prada bags that were given to me as gifts years ago which I hardly ever use. I gave one to a friend since I have way too many designer handbags but I ended up keeping the smaller Prada nylon bag.
  13. You know, I have been wondering the same exact thing! Prada creates timeless pieces of art. The quality and craftsmanship of each handbag is absolutely exquisite. The reason why not many women care for Prada is beyond me :shrugs:
  14. Amongst my age set (mid-twenties), I see a good amount of Miu Miu out-and-about. I also see Prada Linea Rossa sports stuff on men, enough too. I've also been seeing Prada shoes and nylon bags in the Runway sections of Winners.

    I don't see many of the more expensive brands - like the Saffiano Tote - but I don't know if it's that they're not there; or if I just don't pay enough attention. It's hard to miss a monogrammed LV, Gucci or Coach; but you're less likely to notice a less flashy Prada unless you're already an ethusiast of the brand.
  15. Agree! Bought my first Prada last month and I must say that I prefer Prada. Used to be a hardcore fan of Gucci but right now they have change their logo for the bag...And since then, loves it.

    Wanna get the nylon type which is contemplating between BN1336 and BN1935?