Why do you use PurseForum?

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  1. Hi guys! I know that I love using Purse Forum mostly so I can drool over all the bags that I can't afford as a starving college student. Why do you guys like to come on here? :biggrin:
  2. Ditto on using tpf to drool over bags and everything else like the kitchen and wardrobe/glass slipper sections! Also, I really value the deals and steals and the make up/beauty bar too with everybody's input! I love to get a bargain and try new things!
  3. Definitely to drool over bags. I'm mainly over in the Rebecca Minkoff section. It's nice to kind of "window shop" to get an idea of what my next purchase will be. Plus it's nice to get some inside info on the brand. And of course the Special Orders so that you can help design a truly unique bag that only other tPF'ers have as well.

    But above all just to chat with other crazy bag ladies like myself! ;)
  4. I like to talk to people who have similar interests as me (not just handbags) and I've made some good friends here.
  5. this ^ and also to see how different we all are:smile: I've learned a lot about things other than bags and made some real life friends as well as very good online friends.
  6. Hoping to find friends since I don't have any. (It's really hard to meet anyone since I'm ALWAYS home & don't go out anymore) Get purses authenticated. Read in R&F/ebay forum. Waste time reading about celebrities even though I don't care about them.
  7. ...well, I have no idea. :roflmfao:

    I don't own any purses.

    I am a straight guy.

    I guess I just needed a change from the usual forum I am on???

    Someone on my Ferrari forum mentioned this site awhile ago and I never understood why someone would join our Ferrari forum if they didn't in fact own a Ferrari....:shrugs: But.....they do....lol....in droves....for the same reason many on here are members--to simply admire and discuss works of beauty that we all love!!!

    I have been a member on that forum for almost 5 years and have 11,000+ posts.

    I love fashion and dress extremely well. I have exquisite tastes but do draw the line at certain price points for each kind of item I purchase. I own a number of luxury items from LV passport holder to Prada luggage....and let's not forget my entire closet full of fun from Prada, D&G, Gucci, LV, Versace, and many many more...shoes, pants, beanies, shirts, and more.....I love fashion!!! :biggrin:

    I love women's shoes and handbags as I feel they are much like Ferraris in the fact that they are a creation of someone's soul and passion and are created to be admired....

    I have purchased a number of LV bags for long-term gf's when I was with them so I understand the culture.

    And I guess because I couldn't find any forums directly to fashion....lol

    Hope this place livens up my days.....

    Probably be in the wardrobe section the most....lol


  8. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    I joined years ago to get the skinny on coupon codes for Coach. I didn't started posting until I was ready to buy an LV bag for my 40th birthday. Then, I started posting on the nail polish sub-forum.

    I am a huge message board lurker (read way more than post) but I love being part of this community.

    I only lurk in the OOTD thread in the wardrobe section but I have seen a couple of your posts. Keep posting! Love it when guys post in there.
  9. Thanks!!! :tup:
  10. Because Purse Forum is the best forum as compare to other forums. :smile:
  11. I honestly didn't even see any other related forums.
  12. Welcome to the forum!! :smile:

    Always glad to have another male in our "pack" ;)
  13. Welcome! I've seen your posts - glad you found us :welcome:
  14. Welcome! Glad to hear some male point of view on here:P

  15. Welcome! always nice to see another Ferrari & fashion-loving individual here! I'm on F-Chat (rarely), just sold my 355CH :sad: