Why Do I Feel So Guilty Of A Purchase??

  1. :shrugs:I'm hoping I am not the only one out there that feel guilty over a purchased...

    I was on a hunt for a speedy 30 damier after convincing myself that I can afford this bag and still be okay. But after I called so many stores and the 866-vuitton hotline, they are sold out nationwide.

    Alas, so I thought I will wait until they have them at my local boutique as my SA told me they will have them in stock again in a week or so. Curious as always, I browsed on eBay for my next wishlist items, Trevi PM and Griet Damier. After looked through all pics of these 2 bags in this forum, I have finally decided to let go of speedy 30 and go for a Trevi PM instead :p. Now I have up my budget to $1460!

    Even though my budget has gone up, but it seems like it is still impossible to get my hands on a Trevi PM. The prices I found on eBay is pretty much the same as retail, so I wanted a brand new and guaranteed authentic by purchasing directly from Louis Vuitton. I kept on calling 866-vuitton to see if they can locate one for me, but they are sold out nationwide (which I am not surprise).

    After on the phone with the customer rep too often, they told me there is ONE Griet Damier in stock in Alabama state! :wtf: I was like "what?? you have what in stock??" without thinking it twice, I pulled out my credit card and said "when will I receive the bag???". This happened so fast that I then realized I was looking for Trevi PM, not Griet. Then, there's a little voice telling me "its OK, they are both gorgeous bags... Griet is hard to find anyway. You made the right decision!".

    Now that my Damier Griet is on its way from Alabama to NY via FeDex, I am still doubting that I made the wrong the decision. I mean, I really wanted the Trevi PM, and why did I purchased the Griet instead?? Although, I do love both bags, but I only have budget for one bag and I thought Trevi is more practical with the zipped top and strap for winter carry, or without the stap for more elegant look. On the other hand, Griet can only be shoulder or hand carry, and it doesn't have a zip closure on top.

    :s Should I return the Griet when it arrives, and wait for my Trevi PM? I am really unsure. There are many voices in my head telling me pros and cons... alas, I just can't fall asleep tonight, can i? Feel free to drop in your thoughts.... gimme the truth, I promise I won't get offended :sweatdrop:
  2. I say return it and get the Trevi PM
  3. just wait until the bag comes. when you get it and if you realize you don't really love it, you can return it to any store. also if there is a boutique you can visit, it's always best to go look and see. you may fall in love with a bag that you see in real life but not really liked in pictures. this has happened to me. wait to get it, try it out, if it doesn't speak to you return it and check out other things. if there are WL at stores for trevi (i don't know if there is, i wasn't a fan of this bag so i didn't WL) see if you can put your name on it and have the store call you as soon as one comes in for you. otherwise just keep searching for your dream bag. you feel "guilty" because the griet isn't the original bag you thought you were getting.

  4. ^^^agree!
  5. ~Wait..I don't even see the Trevi PM on your wishlist. Therefore, wait until your Griet arrives and see it IRL. Try it out & then decide-if you still don't feel the LVoe-then return:okay:~
  6. you can always return it. although i do like the griet in damier. the thing is they are both amazing bags, but if you like one more than the other, its just not as good.
  7. By the sounds of your post, it sounds like you want the the Trevi more so in the aspect, I think if you don't love the Greit then you should return it! However both bags are gorgeous so good luck with choosing!
  8. i agree that you should wait and see if you love the griet. if not, just return it and get the trevi instead. i know lv is really gorgeous and tempting, but sometimes you need to be patient and just a bit prudent (:
  9. wait to see if you like it, they are both gorgeous.
  10. it seems to me that the Trevi is the one for you. don't settle with the Griet as a consolation. its not fair for the bag, nor on you. i personally dislike the look of the Griet except in Mirage. the Trevi is much more versatile, classy and practical imo.
  11. Don't settle...but definitely wait till the Griet arrives. If it speaks to you, you will for sure know. The Trevi will always be there for you whereas the Griet is limited...so just wait and see!
  12. the others raise good points with regards to griet both the + & - you know my feelings on the trevi but wait until you get the griet in your hands you'll know the answer then
  13. At least try the Griet on; if you don't fall in love IMMEDIATELY, then wrap it up and take it back.
    I had to wait months to get my azur speedy 25 and it just made it that much more special when I finally had it in my hot little hands!
  14. True, I never saw both bags in real life, only through photos posted by tPF members and I fell in love! It is almost like chosing boyfriends.. they both are gorgeous and there are pros and cons... LOL.

    As far as I know, both bags are sold out nationwide and there's a long waiting-list for both. I guess, that was the reason I jumped and purchased the bag when I found out there's 1 available. I will wait until I receive the bag and decide from there :okay:

  15. :p you raised a good point! I didn't like the Trevi PM at all, untill I saw the pic of "LabelAddicts" modeling hers in "LV in Actions" thread. I fell in love then... lol.