Who's looking/waiting for their Birkin?


shack in the woods
Nov 28, 2006
I'm actually on the waitlist for a shoulder Birkin. I wish I had the opportunity to put one on my shoulders b4 putting my name down on the waitlist. I'm a little concern about the wide base and do wonder if the straps are actually long enough to sling on my shoulder without falling off constantly. And are my things going to fall out of the bag as it is short etc ... fortunately, Mrs S was kind enough to answer all my questions! Patiently, I might add :heart:

Thanks Mrs S!

p.s. I have no idea when it will be here, but heck, I'm a very lucky girl so I'm happy to wait while I enjoy the other 2 that I do have.


Feb 17, 2007
just ordered (my SA confirmed today these are both being offered):
Indigo box 35 with pall hw -or-
Brighton blue chevre 35 with phw

One day:
35 black, box or chevre, pall hw
35 rouge h, box or chevre, gold hw
35 etoupe or light neutral - stiff - VL? chevre? maybe togo?

Thanks for the great thread, KB - it's such fun to dream about Hermes :heart:

Hermes Only

King of B40s and K40s
Feb 19, 2007
- HAC 36cm Graphite, Clemence, Ruthenium Hardware (Confirmed..ETA August-September 2007)

- Birkin 40cm Etoupe, Gold Hardware, Clemence, (July PO...Spring 2008 Delivery)

- Massai GM (Potiron or Blue Jean)....Eventually.


That Yummy Orange
Jul 15, 2007
I think any birkin that comes with gold hardware its really hard to come by. I have a chance to purchase a 30cm Orange Ostich birkin with P/HW two years ago, I walked away from it mainly because it wasnt with gold hardware. And GOSH! It has been 2 1/2 years then I have not get an Orange Ostrich sighting in any H boutique. Then 4 weeks ago, I finally encounted an Orange Ostrich sighting, BUT again....its with P/HW.:s