Who's looking/waiting for their Birkin?

  1. Thought it would be fun to have a few separate threads of the bags we are all loving, waiting, and looking for at this time. Feel free to state what it is you ordered and that you are dying to receive or the bag you can't find, but want too. (Please forgive if I did not specifically mention a certain style of bag. I tried to list the most talked about styles right now)

    These threads should be fun and who knows...maybe help someone.
  2. I am dying for a 30cm Black birkin, which seems impossible to find (I've been waiting over a year and I've traveled to several stores). Buying on eBay makes me nervous becuase there is always that risk its not real and you usually pay over retail and then worry.
  3. ReneH...what type of leather are you looking for? What color hardware? Does it matter?
  4. Me, too, ReneH:yes: I have a PO from this past order and hopefully, it will be in before the end of the year.

    Rene, I assume you're checking the Hermes inventory/shopping section here on tpf often??
  5. I forgot to say I am still waiting. 30 cm chocolate with gold hw. Growing old waiting!
  6. In order of how quickly/likely to receive:
    - Something in brighton blue clemence is en route, but I don't know what style of bag...(will post the details when this mystery is resolved)
    - Two POs: 28 retourne black box Kelly w/PH and 35 raisin togo Birkin w/PH
    For the future (not yet in the pipeline):
    - Really want a black box 35 Birkin w/ruthenium (or would settle for PH)
    - Indigo barenia 35 Birkin with PH
  7. black croc bolide
    black chevre birkin 28hac
    rose shocking something........
  8. Hermesaholic...how did you handle the arrival of shopmom's 28 HAC in black chevre? (it would have given me hope)
  9. - 35 Clemence Raisin Birkin
    And hoping Chevre orders will one day yield the RV chevre of my dreams.

  10. yes--i almost fell off my chair! I was so thrilled for her.
  11. I go back and forth on the leather. I love Chevre but togo is so classic and durable. Hardware, palladium.
  12. I watch these forum's obsessively, like 10 times a day. I know I will have to act fast if there is a post for a 30 black birkin since several people are watching for this combination.
  13. I know it's impractical...but I really want a 30cm white birkin w/palladium.
  14. 30 cm black box with gold h/w
  15. oops, wrong thread!